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  1. Guessing the LE will still be sold out.
  2. Great deal. Buyer will be very happy.
  3. Funny. I may have been very tempted. But looks like Jaybee is on the ball.
  4. 😀 I'm sure I asked you 48 hours ago if you were selling any PINs and you said, no.
  5. Interesting looking back at this thread. All the discussion about the LE price $11850. Still around that price today? Code update refreshed title and adding value.
  6. Update. Ryza was dropping off a rental and had a look at it. Nothing obvious. So he didn't tighten the coil stop super tight and that fixed the issue.
  7. danton


    I'm in Melb. I'm renting a Wonka for the month. This is one title I would say definitely want to play before buying. It's brutal.
  8. yes. Guardians of the Galaxy. Newish game. I looked at the switch button it looks ok, I can clearly see that the switch mechanically separates when in the off positiion. I'll put in a new coil sleeve just to eliminate it as an issue as both were (relatively) dirty..
  9. Hi, I have a flipper that is sometimes sticking in the up position on my Guardians. I replaced the coil stop, issue was not fixed. Swapped the coil sleeves and the problem was not fixed, Flipper does not stick if moved manually. What to try next?
  10. Like the Mods. We rented a TWD for about a month. As a result we are binge watching the show. It's only now I get the Joke of the Terminus mod.
  11. Age old debate I know, but it's so hard to justify almost $3k premium for the premium..
  12. Hi I have just bought a GOTG, it looks brand new but after a few days I'm having a few issues. First Noticed that the ball would only release from the orb lock in ball search. The target drops perfectly in the switch test but gets stuck in the down position and the solenoid does a double fire. Today I noticed the flasher in the orb is also not working. Any ideas on what can be causing these issues? There is a tiny board attached to the drop target mech and to my eyes some of the solder joints look dodgy..
  13. Thanks John. Machine presents as new and machine was wrapped with extreme care. I'm a happy Chappie.
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