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  1. I had a local sheetmetal company fabricate ten sets of the two brackets that hold the marquee. I picked them up today and did a test fit and they fit perfectly. I could get them powder coated but it's easier to just paint them in satin black enamel.
  2. A little more progress today. Started with the base, fitted levelers and rear wheels. Assembled most of the cab.
  3. I think Jimmy has enough cabs for AKO IV. This build is for someone else so it's up to them if they want to offer it for use. I'm building a second one for myself though but not sure if they'll be finished before the end of July. I got the second coat on today, two more to go.
  4. I have a couple of Donkey Kong cabinets to build and thought I'd document the process. This is the artwork package I've put together, still a work in progress. Donkey Kong UP Artwork I already had a template from previous builds so I used that to make the side panels, the paint is water based enamel from Bunnings. I got the first coat on today, there will be 3-4 coats applied with each panel sanded between coats. The paint is applied with a spray gun and the paint is thinned with a 1:1 ratio of paint to water. All the other panels have been CNC cut to save time and effort, the plans were based on the ones on classicarcadecabinets.com I've done a run of 10 of the marquee brackets that have been reproduced by a local sheetmetal company. I'm also currently waiting for a quote to come back to reproduce the original Nintendo Coin door.
  5. I've been through various cabinet maker supplier/supplies (T moulding) search term but no luck.
  6. Just seeing if anyone knows of a source for brown T-moulding here in Australia. There's some in the US on Ebay but shipping is 4x the cost for 20' of T-moulding. There's a caravan supply company that has some to suit 16mm board but it's lipped which is not suitable for the DK Cabaret cabinet which I need it for. Edit: On second thought I suppose I can just trim the edges off.
  7. I took the .dxf file from classicarcadecabinets.com and tweaked it using Corel Draw. I already had a template for the sides.
  8. That's be awesome mate, I'm home most weekends if that works or can pick up from you if easier.
  9. This was done by Al's Plastics in Moorooka, He asked for $60 for a 2400 x 1200 sheet but I paid him $100 per sheet as I felt it was worth it and he's always looking after me with perspex. I supplied the wood and cut file.
  10. CNC cut panels were picked up today, one set for standard DK and one set for DK Cabaret. When I did the last DK builds the speaker panels took the most time and were a right pain in the arse to get right, these came out perfectly. CNC saves so much time and effort (and MDF dust).
  11. Nah... the ashtray is definitely staying, it's the only thing that works. .
  12. I picked this up recently and have started work on it this week, the game is not running, monitor looks like it needs attention and the chipboard has been waterlogged and needs to be replaced. On the upside, the ashtray still works perfectly... The original power supply has been gone over and is tested and working fine. I've removed the PCB mounting plate with the four boards mounted on it and have it on the test bench. I had to combine and invert the Sync so I could run it on the test bench monitor. This afternoon I set about making a template to replace the side panels. Basically I clamped a piece of board to the side. Marked it out. Then cut and sanded it to shape. I'm undecided at this stage whether or not to do side art like the US cabs or keep it completely original with the plain black sides.
  13. Okay mate, will keep it in mind. Was mainly looking for arcade tubes and chassis' (title amended) and prefer local unless it a tested/working tube & chassis combination.
  14. Jimboomba is 50klm away from me, if nobody else is closer I could have a look at them for him and at very least diagnose what is faulty.
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