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  1. the english is a really bad dub, heaps of places its not close to what they are actually saying
  2. its awesome, def don't watch the dub. Original with subs for sure
  3. Great stuff mate, I am absolutely amazed at the stability and wireless range on this model. Hope it continues to treat you well! You are on Aussie BB aren't you? surprised you get such a drop in peak. you get the same drop in speed on your wired devices right?
  4. Highly recommend the ASUS RT-AC68U, think its a touch over your budget, but its performance trumps most in the price range
  5. Mare of Easttown is really good
  6. you have to find the right one Pete, needs to be someone compatible with yourself!
  7. thank you for the tip on Succession! Thought first season was a little bit of a grind but it went to defcon 1 in the second season, so so good. Waiting for season 3 to come out
  8. someone on AA was lucky enough to score it?
  9. way too much. As a massive T2 fan i spent more time looking at the one I had than playing it, gets old so fast. they will go for 3k easy in current market, up to 4k
  10. wasn't the playfield LCD one of the best bits?
  11. Dave too nice for his own good One thing I will add is that the buyer of the game in question, Rillo, picked up a game for me from chicago pin fest, and then shipped to me out of the goodness of his pinball heart :) He is a good dude
  12. One thing I have done on games imported from US to Aus was to use a plastic pallet, helps avoid a tonne of the fumigation etc
  13. Rillo your surname doesn't start with an O does it?
  14. But will you stop in bat country???
  15. what an incomprehensible hand his family have been dealt by fucking cancer very sad, rip Mark. Thoughts are def with his family
  16. Merry xmas all, much love and happiness to everyone and their fam
  17. Thanks mate, kind of you to say! I have been lurking around, resurrected myself in the pinball forum to appreciate this bad boy you have for sale
  18. All TPG companies contention ratio are fucking bad Optus as well They simply do not buy enough bandwidth from NBN
  19. Yes i am surprised by those sales tactics, and quite poor mate, so completely understand where you are coming from Strange they have front of house sales operating like that when the rest of their support is so customer centric
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