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  1. It might be easier and cheaper and a lot less grief to just get the car fixed yourself, and move on.
  2. Gave blood for the first time last week. Very little pain involved, only when they stick the needle in, but it only lasts for a couple of seconds. Overall a pleasurable experience with no after effects. Already booked my next appointment. I'm going to use it as a 1 hour chill out time.
  3. Just booked my first appointment, thanks for the inspiration guys.
  4. I've got some legs if you need them. There welded, drilled and powder coated black. Made to suit LAI cocktail cabs. $25 set. Pickup from Croydon.
  5. Body odour never used to be a problem, people just accepted that's the way people smell. Until of course the cosmetic companies decided to run a marketing campaign to convince us the odour was a problem so they could sell 'de-odorant' - Go figure!
  6. Check with Bigpond before you get a new modem as they may not like customers attaching modems to their network. They may not allow you to change the hardware without having a tech attend. This is because faulty modem or modems from other vendors could interfere with the network. I work for Optus at a HFC exchange and this is Optus's policy. I not sure if it is Telstras but it would pay to find out first.
  7. The whole arcade machine industry has been full of unlicenced/bootleg/cloned games since Pong. Mame and the multigame boards are just another chapter. I'm not condoning them, just saying it's nothing new to the industry.
  8. Is the Ipac in close proximity to a CRT monitor. I have had many mini Pacs fail in the past and could only put it down to the EMR from the tube.
  9. If you are thinking of the KIA carnival do some further investigation as I believe that some models suffer from a high rate of engine failures.
  10. It's not the size of the inverter that matters, it's the current draw of what you are running and the capacity/condition of your batteries. Simply if you have a 10A load and a 100Ah battery then it sould last approx 10hrs. Plus I don't think a 300watt inverter will run an arcade machine if it is using a CRT as the start up load will be too high.
  11. I think you need to reset your I-pac back to it's default settings. What model is it? or can you post a photo? This will give you back the P1 shift function. You can then set up the others how you like. As for setting up different controls for different games, this must be done in MAME not in the I-pac set-up.
  12. The way they do it in furniture making is to steam the wood. I believe they put the piece of wood into a long box and inject steam until the wood is soft. It is then bent to shape and when dries is solid again. Might be worth investigating.
  13. Yes, I have some sets available. They were made for LAI table-top reproductions. All the holes are drilled and are powder coated in satin black. There are no feet on them, but you can get them from Bunnings. $30 per set, PM me if you are interested. (I am in Croydon)
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