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  1. Still looking. Wold love Tony Hawk 3 (and yeah I know NTSC) Just want to complete the collection.
  2. Just watched Dr. Death!! F**k me!! That guy. Was the mini series based off the real life Dr. Death. Think I'll download the real doco next to watch!
  3. Haha...that he is...would help if I read you WTB ad correctly.....doh! Sorry mate.
  4. Thanks mate......will do! That artwork is mint!!
  5. Ok....just found this this morning so might give a call or email see what happens. https://www.startlocal.com.au/recreation/amusementequipm/online/ArcadeWorx_3374364.html Originally the website looks to be down so I'm keeping my fingers crossed. Cheers Narf
  6. Over 10yrs ago!!! I bought a flat pack kit of Troy from Arcadeworx. The side art needs to be printed again as it's since come off but I can't find his details. I wanted to ask about the dimensions as the cab would be difficult to measure correctly and give to a printer. Does anyone have his details? Is he still around? Could anyone help me out with dimensions please? Cab photo attached (not mine, but style is the same)
  7. Happy Birthday....I know someone who has a WH2O for sale if interested.....legit seller 😅🤣
  8. No idea where this should go so feel free to move into correct sub forum. I set up OTTPlayer the other day on 2 of my Samsung TV's. One works fine the other nothing! Keeps coming up with an error and not loading my stream. Anyone got any thoughts for me? I know I've set it up correctly because my second TV works fine....WTF! PS: My second TV, I actually set it up after my initial main TV wouldn't play the streams.
  9. Imbecile. I offered an alternative to someone wishing they could buy high quality non reflective glass here in Melbourne. You and the other idiots in here are trolls….you’ve offered f all in this thread but to come in and start trouble…..not me!
  10. I didn't comment in this thread to care about who's is better and to have my opinion challenged. I was giving someone the option to go with Vampire if they wanted because Lucas is here in Melb. I don't give a f who you go with or who think's which is better. I've seen Lucas' and I would recommend, why, because I've seen it...that's all...nothing else
  11. There is actually. Lucas Bardin who runs the Bayside Pinball comp has a product called Vampire Glass. Based here in Melbourne! I've seen this product in the flesh and truly it's amazing!! Exactly the same stuff.....different supplier. Hit him up.
  12. Thanks for the replies. They seem to have a little adhesive life in them still so might keep them and IF I ever get around to using them, if they are no good no biggie, I'll get new ones. Sounds like I should roll the up @spacies ? They fell very thick and not like rolling up a poster is why I wondered about this. Thought flat would be best??!?
  13. Best way to do this? I've had my Strikes and Spares under the bed for 10yrs but moving house. I've had them since 2011, bought from Jeff McAfee
  14. Well priced doesn't have to be cheap you know! Just because people are overinflating machines makes it seem like this was cheap.
  15. Saw this on Facebook! Was so tempted....smashed this game at the arcades. Let me know if you ever get or end up selling an Original DK. Keen on one for the room!
  16. I bought 2, gonna send one to Lloyd's......recon I'll make between $10-12K!
  17. Sent you a pm?! Are you not replying to it?? Shows you’ve been on at 5:30ish today and 7 minutes ago? Keen for the GC games as stated.
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