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  1. Yes, I worked there back in the 80's Regards, Johns-Arcade
  2. Really? Not the first time a new member thinks AA owes him something and I doubt the last!
  3. You said you've re-capped the chassis, what caps did you use? Personally, your best option is to send your chassis to @Jomac and get him to go over it for you. The only issue you might have is you've now attempted to repair the chassis yourself. Have a chat to Joey (Jomac) and see what he suggests.
  4. It's in relation to a fee charged on check out from Austral on low value orders I ordered a Data East pop bumper cap that I needed urgently for a customer. Price for the cap was $14.85 On checkout, I got hit with a low order fee of another $2.75, which I personally think is bull shit! Postage, $14.10 It then took 3 weeks to receive said pop bumper cap, which I only think was sent when I opened a Paypal dispute. Pointless getting a 10% discount when you get hit with a 15% low order fee. Maybe things will change, but I won't order from them again.
  5. If it's running a Sanyo EZ, it will need to be 100V for the monitor, but assuming it's a US cab it should already have a step-down, even if it's 120V to 100V. You might find it easier to fit a 240V to 120V transformer before this one.
  6. Actually, I think the ECL components will be more of an issue than the 2532's - - - Updated - - - Just buy one of these https://www.mikesarcade.com/cgi-bin/store.pl?sku=NIN2JAMMA
  7. Great work Adam :023: I'd be interested in one to populate
  8. Well that's how I originally interpreted it too Doug, but if the OP thinks Womble is too expensive, I'm now not so sure :017:
  9. So what's the deal? You want your boards repaired and will pay for the repair with a bunch of faulty bootlegs? Is this what you're offering or am I missing something here?
  10. You could use an adapter board and use standard 2732. Or, send me the details and I can program them for you?
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