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  1. We are hoping to do a road trip to Tassie at the end of this summer but timing may not work as we are also shortly listing our house for sale (NorthWest Sydney). House sale has been on hold due Covid plus further delayed after I unexpectedly had to have a double hernia OP 3 weeks ago. Also want to escape next winter to North Queensland and then a trip to NZ South Island towards the end of next year (probably incorporating a Cruise (@Railways). Luckily I retired 9th July so we have been keen to get out and about to start enjoying some travel again
  2. Happy Birthday Ken . Have a good one as best you can in Lockdown
  3. Finally caught up with this thread again . Looks so much better than what you started with Trev.:cool: Always amazes me what a bit of time and TLC can achieve . Looking forward to getting back into restos myself again once current higher priorities are out of the way . Been a long time since I have done any resto work
  4. Actually a great playing game .. theme sucks but the I reckon the game play is great . I had one for about 10 years .. was sorry to see it go at the time. Good luck with the hunt
  5. Looks like a fun project Trev. I bought a project High Hand some years ago but ended up flipping it for a small profit a couple of years later without ever doing anything to it except stripping the PF . While I had it I was thinking about a mod to get the drops to reset . Look forward to your progress pics
  6. What an awesome project ! Very well done and thanks for posting . Hope you can find another EM to resurrect . Certainly a great idea for helping them live on
  7. Looking forward to retiring in about 6 weeks . Can't wait to have the same problem as the OP.. will sure beat having to go to work:)
  8. Hi Dave . I'll take a set too please .. postage to 2765 Cheers Dave
  9. All the best in Retirement Tony . I have been lucky enough to attend at least 2 of your awesome meets over the years . Looking forward to retiring in a couple of months myself and hopefully Grandchildren not too far away , Cheers Dave
  10. too sad. Condolences ..what a shock for everyone who knew him..especially his family
  11. Wow ... best of luck with your new adventures Lee and Gordon . :D We all knew that one day you would close the doors, but its still sad that time has almost come . I will be sure to place my last order ASAP
  12. Hi Mate. El Dorado 5 ball .. 52530 26/2/2021 . Should do better once I finally get the 5000 scoring working 100%
  13. I have to agree the late 70's early 80's given half my collection is 1978-1981 :D I also agree that 1992 was a great year .. so far only have Creech from then but would like a few more. I sure remember a LOT of pins being around in arcades back in '81
  14. Hi mate .. here is a Surf Champ schematic (same era as Mustang) .. see if it helps edit: Removed attachment.
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