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  1. on some chassis there is actually a wide and narrow jumper for horizontal width saves you having to wind the horizontal pot too much...
  2. This is not a criticism but I noticed in the specs power supply output on 5V is not 15amp? how does it handle powering large board set's and bootleg pcbs? Power wires seem a bit thin on the jamma extender also?
  3. kinda looks like a an alien syndrome / shock troopers / gauntlet clone?
  4. I am pretty sure i have the daughter board
  5. is there a narrow or wide width jumper on your chassis? I do recall that there might be check to see and if there is make sure its on the narrow jumper. Do this whilst monitor is powered off.
  6. If you don't mind me asking how much did you pay for it?
  7. Download Cal 50 manual from internet which should contain pinouts for rotary joysticks.. Cal 50 is a jamma board so you shouldn't need any additional adapters. The board should have headers which accepts plug from the rotary joysticks. Compare pinouts from Cal50 pcb headers to your rotary joysticks and wire accordingly. Keep in mind that Cal 50 was supposed to be used with SNK rotary sticks, dont know how these compare with Happ.
  8. Hi Folks, Just wondering if an Air Duel to Ninja Spirit rom swap is possible I have read somewhere that the protected MCU has been dumped or that the Air Duel MCU is compatible with Japanese Ninja Spirit rom set ? Does a new gal need to be programmed also? Any leads appreciated Thanks
  9. try lowering the screen dial on the flyback a touch
  10. nice set up only thing is that you need is a crt set for the older consoles...just feels more authentic to me anyways...
  11. yes blood bros did come to australia my local arcade had one in conversion cab... fun times
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