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  1. If no one interested will just have to pull. Want to sell today otherwise have to sell other pins. Alien SV LOTR LE STH PRO with topper
  2. Selling my turtles pro bought from AMD. - just over 1800 plays ( a lot of restarts) - shaker - stern art blades - Mezelmods mutagen flashers x 2 - krang lit toy - Mezelmods glider - flipper bat covers - upgraded backbox and cabinet speakers - speaker lights with fluoro green acrylic - shooter plate cover - turtles crossing sign. Want to keep, need to sell bought too many pins. Price $10,500
  3. Selling my AIQ premium: - just over 1000 plays (a lot of restarts!) - stern art blades - mezel mods tower - mezel mods sanctum - lit Thor hammer - thanos interactive eyes - captain americas shield - shaker motor - plastic protectors - kenwoods, purple acrylic and speaker lights - modfather gem shooter rod that lights up for different modes same as stern one no playfield or mechanical issues just bought too many pins and wife not happy. Never needed captain marvel fix loop works great. Was : $14500, drop to 14350, final drop $13900 Also have a mint fully gilded HUO LOTR Le don’t really want to part with it, but have to sell either that or alien
  4. I want this just have to sell 3 pins. Anyone want an alien, turtles or AIQ? Great looking pin, great price!
  5. It does cover it so maybe I will just leave it whilst I own it. Yeah glass said tempered, but I don’t think it’s safety. Good call to just give dimensions and specs if I do order. Just so easy to do. First experience with concrete floors.
  6. Damn. Maintaining my alien which I had for sale. Chipped the corner. Any tips for buying new glass in Sydney? 3 choices : 1) standard wide body glass from a glazier 2) vampire/pdi glass wide body. 3) buy a spare of someone who has one. honstly thinking of keeping my alien. Don’t want to fire sell it. thanks andrew
  7. This Alien SV was modded by Kurt Savage. It has unique decals, apron and backglass. It has an extra 12v power supply, fans for flippers and CPU, Loader and facehugger figurines and sentry guns. Flippers have also been rebuilt to use bally/williams parts. He also created a custom topper which pulsates green inside the egg. On top of this I have corresponded with the apron mod guys in the states to add their arduino modules for both the apron and the backglass as well as beacons. This was done as a one off experiment to merge the lighting created by these mods with already customised aprons. This was a process of many months work and great expense. This mod creates interactive lighting for the different multiballs down near the apron as well as firing the beacons and turning the backglass illumination from green to red. All the colours and effects can be changed via the supplied app, plugging into the arduino boards. The overall package is truly immersive, even more so then a stock LV. Regrettable sale, I have overcommitted in other purchases. Originally priced on gumtree for $17,500, Dropping price to $16,900
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