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  1. Any reason why you want american instead of japanese? There is nothing different between the Japanese and American machines apart from a piece of plastic that is easily removable and turns the machine into a universal one that can play games from both countries...
  2. As the game went walk abouts before the exhibition as the Sega Saturn it was running on broke down, I need a copy of PAL (Aussie / european) Saturn bomberman and a PAL (Australian / European) Sega saturn. Thanks
  3. Sorted. :) Thanks for all the PMs, sorry if I could not reply to everyone.
  4. Would like just the Main and Graphics boards (the two main large ones), these are for an exhibition so need them asap, but have a budget...
  5. Yes I was going to say, we haven't spent 14 days setting the exhibition up at the wrong place...
  6. As title says need to buy, borrow or hire a working virtual boy unit.
  7. Nope, this is Game On 2.0 so it's different from Game On and has lots of new stuff.
  8. Been here for nearly 2 weeks now and have not seen much outside my apartment, the local coles and the venue (apart from the old railway bridge on the way home...). Dkong: So what arcades are you hoping we will have? Henrybulldog: All you need to do is find a venue with enough space and money (or a sponsor), preferably a museum or gallery. Then get them to contact http://www.barbican.org.uk/bie/contact-us
  9. Bought a new wand only for the thing to be DOA, as I need to deguass a large number of monitors that have colour issues from coming from the northern hemisphere to the southern hemisphere. Was wondering if anyone in the Tasmania area has a wand I could borrow for a few weeks in return for a couple of Game On 2.0 tickets? If could anyone sell me one? Thanks
  10. Surely Outrun :D $11K? For that money I'd be looking for a R-360...
  11. Sydney is still in talks, maybe sometime in 2012 / 2013....
  12. If you bother reading my posts you will note that we have nothing to do with selecting venues, it's more to do with the venue selecting us. :p
  13. As it is more dependent on venues rather then us, all I can say is that until at least 2012 there is little possibility of coming to Perth or adelaide, although Perth is more likley to be a destination in the future.
  14. After a working and in reasonable condition pinball machines, one a EM from the 60s to 80s and one a more modern multiball machine from the late 80s onwards. Let me know what you got, these are being used within an exhibition so the cheaper the better :D
  15. After record crowds at both Melbourne and Brisbane, Game On will return back to Australia going to the Queen Victoria Art gallery and Museum in Launceston in Tasmania. It will open early July and will be the first exhibition in the newly refurbished royal park site and Game On will be updated from the Melbourne and Brisbane ones, so even if you went to Melbourne Game On at ACMI then you may wish to visit the one in Tasmania... ;) Will put more information here later :)
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