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  1. Hi folks, Just so no one wastes their time – turned out that even though the fuse was still OK continuity wise, it must have been damaged enough to not allow the 5V through? Anyway – new fuse and everything is fine. Always the simple things!
  2. Hi folks, I've had a Stern LOTR for a few years now – love it! Have fixed small things myself – always something simple and mechanical, or obvious like a plug that had come loose etc. I'm now having issues I can't fix. In the space of an hour, the machine just reset itself and went into ball find mode – it did this twice and had never before. After the second time, it wouldn't boot back up. Power is not making its way to the game board – the LED that indicates it's getting 5V on the IO board is not coming on. I continuity checked a fuse that looked dodgy, and the current it getting all the way through. Anyway – I am after a few steps of simple advice that someone who know what they are doing would suggest, so I can at least narrow the problem and figure out if it's something I can do myself. Thanks all!
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