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  1. Are you watching how to’s on you tube again? it’s definitely better than the old vb
  2. I’ve been browsing the vpuniverse site on my phone. Pretty slick and speedy.
  3. MGL 13: 90,740 MGL 40: 90,080 MGL 48: 90,730 Arrrhhhhhhhhh :lol I'm going to beat it this time ( I said that last time too)
  4. 832 Finally after dozens of games in the 400's. No RSI injuries in this game
  5. 112670 This had zero plays on my rig. I could see how big scores could be racked up on this one
  6. 49411 - biggest thumb nail image ever, because of the crappiest photo ever
  7. Still trying to spells 80085 hey :run:
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