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  1. Birthdays = beer, well more beer than usual. Happy Birthday 🍺!
  2. Woka woka woka! Happy birthday 🎊 🍻
  3. Seems like a pretty descent update, good to see fixes being applied where needed.
  4. 63,490 Firing in the right direction helps...
  5. 176,420 tried to do better, failed, so this is it
  6. 246100 New PB 👍 while taking a break from grinding Moon Patrol (rage quits by the billion!)
  7. 288210, Lot way short of PB but ok for the good old key board
  8. Cricketing pins and pool. Great day!
  9. 321800 First game since Kong Off 4, rusty, but it'll do!
  10. Great night Pat, thanks for hosting. Thanks to those who added a machine or 2 as well
  11. Ok, piece by piece - no guarantee it's 100% but pretty dam close Need to do some more checking on which MGL is which MGL 3/4?. 4 12 Games over 10 weeks from Late March 2007 Gunwange ? Who's got a mame set they've been using forever? might have a snap between 26/3 and 1/4? Pooyan Parodius Da! (world) Asteroids Pengo Rambo III (US) Juno First Free Kick (Bootleg) Mag Max Snow Bros 2 World Hero's (set1) MGL 4/5? 12 Games over 12 weeks from November 2007. 2 week break over Christmas with no games Galaga Bomberman World Elevator Action Rygar Mr Do! Ghosts'n Goblins Jungle King Tutankham 1942 Donkey Kong Karnov Black Tiger MGL 5/ 6? 12 Games over 12 Weeks from May 2008 To be continued
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