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  1. Oh legend - yeah 2 of us over here with SHO's so keen to hear!
  2. Ooo start a thread for it? I have a SHO that I'm also terrified of having board issue/failure.... 🤞🙏
  3. Or Cannonball! https://github.com/djyt/cannonball/wiki
  4. Oh legend!!! This started happening to one of my boards just recently! I too thought it was going to be a chip replace or amp issue. Will give this a go and let you know if it worked for me too! �
  5. haha oi this thread needs closing, pretty sure we're getting trolled now :P
  6. Aww yeah these are the best kind of finds - trying to hide the excitement/contain the emotion when you see the stash they have - "oh wow, those old things? yeah, I guess i can take them off your hands...." F#%k You though Ponty :P - I dream of having those situations haha
  7. Oh man read my mind! I'm restoring my Taito Missile Command Cocktail also! Info on these trackballs appreciated - maybe it's possible to switch the whole thing out for something else? I've not dug too deeply on that part yet.... Let me know if you want the artwork for the control panels as I got my hands on some (through a very generous enthusiast). Or any other info you need! I also know 1 other person doing the same thing as us (or should be at least......) so we could all collaborate. ;)
  8. If @Jomac has the tools to rip the info from the chip, I could take my board in? Then could be saved for all, as there's heaps of these machines out there.
  9. As per their facebook page https://www.facebook.com/events/533051957106569/ Wednesday, 12 December 2018 from 19:00-22:00 Play all 6 games and get each score recorded by event staff. The top 4 scores playoff head 2 head to determine the champion for December. Pay for your own games on the night. (hopefully in the future we can get some sponsorship.) The Tournament will be registered with IFPA and all players will receive a world pinball ranking. If this turns out to be a success expect this event to be run monthly Not sure what the "competition" part of it is, or if it's just for brag, but either way, competing is always fun!
  10. Not sure if anyone has listed it, but Palace Arcade in Perth has (excuse my versioning) as of today: WWF Royal Rumble (Data East) Indiana Jones (Williams) Star Wars Premium (Stern) AC/DC Vault Luci Premium? (Stern) Iron Maiden Premium (Stern) Ghostbusters Premium (Stern) Adams Family (Williams) I believe GameCity in Perth is also getting ready to unveil their Pinball Basement which is going to have a GODLIKE collection - not even joking. You will board a plane when it opens to get here.
  11. Roger saves the day! Hope this helps - let me know if you want higher-res pics/better lit/whatever as it's out of the machine so I can provide whatever is needed. 100% working. Not for sale :P haha
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