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  1. Cant get pineapple on a pizza in Italy, they would look at you as if you drove a EV 🤣
  2. I VOTE 1 for the president of Iceland 🙂 https://icelandmag.is/article/president-iceland-announces-he-would-ban-pineapple-a-pizza-topping#:~:text=President of Iceland announces that he would ban pineapple as a pizza topping,-By Staff |Feb&text=The president of Iceland%2C Guðni,as a pizza topping" debate. I'm sure Pineapple on Pizza contributes to greenhouse gasses, we must put a stop to it now to save humanity 😁
  3. Blasphemy Pizza is a savoury food, would you put a steak on a ice-cream ?
  4. Did the VW factory tour when in Dresden, Its called the transparent factory, the place makes no money at all and is just to showcase what they can do and for training purposes, its more for show than anything else, people were walking in to pick up their new cars from the gimmicky high rise storage while we were there. They were making hybrid Golfs there at the time, very interesting to see the workers putting cars together on a small scale on polished floor boards, the shells came painted and all major sub assembly's were already done, even the doors were already assembled, there is no manufacturing there, everything gets delivered there by train and the minor assembly is done there, funny that our tour guide was a Aussie originally from Perth. https://www.glaesernemanufaktur.de/
  5. Did you have a wanted ad, or just come across it advertised? I have run a few wanted ads in the past, this seems to bring out the scammers, have had many over the years, I do the phone number look up, run the name and address, do a google street view and reverse images if they send any, not bullet proof but has exposed 99% of them. Unless its under $100, I have to physically touch the item before I hand over any of my hard earned, for every 10 good people there are 3 scum.
  6. Why would people be spending $70,000 US on solar?, you would never make that money back in a lifetime, the system would need to be replaced way before you would see a return. I need to go sell stuff in the US if its this easy to extract the $$$ Gee I thought my battery back up solar was expensive at $15,000
  7. Loos like he may be hiding from the hugs 🤣
  8. LOL, 2000 Corolla motor, big horsepower for Afghanistan🤣, can see it with a turret gun mounted on the roof.
  9. Meh!, Volvo, never liked them as petrol, so EV or Hybrid will still be Meh!, cant stand working on them, I send them to the apprentices, they need the experience 😁
  10. I'm sure it will still have the old rotary sound no matter what the CC. Shut up and take my money 😁
  11. I have had 2 businesses myself 1 small, 1 medium, I always let my customers know if there were going to be any delays with anything regarding their dealings with me, had situations that were out of my control many of times and still my customers ( as they were my bread and butter ) were my first priority no matter what, without them I had no business. I personally don't know the guy or his situation, but there are so many people sharing their details on their dealings with the business, so if he knew he was in trouble and was still trading and taking deposits and orders knowing this, then that is a breach of trading, ASIC outlines this here https://asic.gov.au/regulatory-resources/insolvency/insolvency-for-directors/ From appointing liquidators, this is a known way to keep ASIC at bay, for a little while, but we all know that once liquidators take over they get paid first, then all the plebs get the scraps. People who have orders and have paid deposits etc are going to be the losers, but if he was trading as insolvent then he is then personaly responsible as a director. So my question of if he was trading insolvent, was only to see if he has been taking fresh orders and deposits when he knew he was already broke, no judgment, no slander, no speculation, just a question.
  12. LoL, for you maybe, I am ok on a computer when it comes to Mame, I do struggle some times getting games to work, but the VP is a whole different learning curve I just cant seem to get my head around. Yeah I have seen a few, but like you say the set up is what will stump me, so I just dont. I am one of the ones that will buy one one day, from that I would be able to copy what has been done, but starting off cold I have no hope.
  13. Oh yeah, Braaap, Braaap, Braaap, Braaap, Now thats a hybrid i would be interested in, I doubt if it would ever get used in electric mode 😁
  14. If there was someone who offered configured computers with tables on them, I am sure they would sell to the people who can make stuff but are not computer savvy
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