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  1. Maybe not exactly the same but Jaycar sell them, I have purchased from there before for some to use on a pinball https://www.jaycar.com.au/search/?q=pin connectors:relevance&page=6
  2. A Asteroids spaceship in the middle would be cool to shoot them with 🙂
  3. They made many different claw machines, so a bit more detail or even a picture of the machine. It could be as simple as a broken wire or as bad as a fried board, or anything in-between
  4. Pinball version of a resto mod, I think if its a well done modification its just as good as a original
  5. There is real world pricing then there is fairy land, unfortunately because of fairy land pricing every person that has something that they think is rare puts a silly figure on it, then someone else that is in fairy land pays this silly figure, then another person see's that silly price is achieved and the vicious circle continues, its madness? Now if there was not the need for nostalgia all old stuff would be classified as crap and you would not be able to give it away for free, ( example in the 80's and 90's when you would find arcade and pinball at the tip ), I even had a pinball machine given to me in the 80's and was told I was doing him a favour, I sold the machine early 90's for $50 and thought I did well 🙂 . I have a coin from 300BC, its made of brass, it has Alexander the greats head on it, you would think because it was from 300 years before Jesus that it would be worth a fortune?, well in the real world I am told its worth about $300, but I reckon if I put it on face book for $5000, someone from fairy land would buy it 🙂
  6. Super Ranger ? https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/292455602540 Rough Ranger ?, might be the same just different name https://quarterarcade.com/rough-ranger-boardset https://www.gamesdatabase.org/list.aspx?publisher=suna&system=arcade
  7. Unfortunately they are 30 years old now, unless you have a stock of NOS spare boards to play with you are going to have these glitches, I have the same Sega board stacks in my Virtual racer, I have a heap of spare board stacks I have collected over many years and I am constantly swapping, resetting or repairing them just to have the game working, its just part of owning these old machines, sometimes its part of the fun. I am not a wiz when it comes to these machines but you do need to know the basics to keep them running and have some basic tools to test with, what I have found is with each new problem I have with mine, you always have to start with the basics and check the voltages and work out if its getting enough when running so a milti meter is a must. Joey is pretty good with these boards, many of times I have gone there and he has a board running testing it for hours while he works away just to see if its going to play up, so you know he has fully tested it for failure, but like I said they are 30 years old, it could be component that was fine during testing but has now decided to fail, you are going to get that on any machine of this age.
  8. I myself would take the boards out of that side and start with resetting the board stack ( take the stack apart and re assemble ), if you dont get any joy from that you might have to reset each chip on the board, be careful not to bend any pins, ( good idea to wear antistatic gloves ). If you are not that confident, send the board stack to Joey from Jomac (sponsor on this forum), he can give it a good looking over and service, he is a wiz with Daytona boards 🙂.
  9. Yes they are pretty big, that's why I decided to offload the one I had. Really it wasn't that hard to make the mini one, Pandora's box, a Jamma harness, old computer power supply, old LCD, buttons are off eBay and that's it for hardware, I think the most expensive bit was the Pandora's box. I made the cab to suit the LCD size just out of cheap MDF and covered it with some cheap stick on vinyl, Its still getting a thrashing and still looks like the day I made it.
  10. My 4 million Shib coins are up by 300% 😁 I purchased $60.04 of MTL on the 30/08/19, sold it on 30/03/21 for $741.09, Tax man got me for $70 odd, I reinvested some in unknown coins, left $250 in the kitty for future coin purchases and am currently sitting just under $2000 after a recent spike, so if it all turns to crap tomorrow, im still in front. I have definitely gained more out of this than I do playing Lotto and will ride it to the end for a bit of fun, when I first had a dabble I didnt see myself making millions from it, as at the time I thought that ship had sailed, it was more to understand how it works and see if I could do anything with some spare change, I still dont understand it and my spare change has turned into a decent amount to play with from what was invested.
  11. I also have a Virtua Racing twin cab, in storage at the moment, but when I first purchased it I set about buying spares for it to keep it going, I have a bout 20 full board sets and 2 spare tubes and 2 chassis, a few sound boards and a few IO boards, out of the 20 board sets I only have 4 that work, the rest all have some faults or dont boot at all, when it was working and we used to play it a fair bit, every time we switched it on there was a issue with something, most times we could get it going by reseating the board stacks, other times it was Joey to the rescue, it just got to the point that I didnt even bother switching it on anymore as I didnt want to deal with inevitable repair, so it went into the back of the shed and its been there ever since. I will pull it out in the future when I have the time, I will probably convert it to Mame with LCD's, only because it will be more reliable and the option of more than 1 game is the kicker, with the gear you can purchase now second hand that will be more than capable of doing the job of a Mame twin driver getting cheaper by the day its a more affordable option than continually repairing 30 - 40 year old electronics. As for price its worth more in bits than it would be as a whole unit, $1500 would be top dollar and it would need to be in pretty good nick. As a non worker if someone offered you $500, take their money, im sure after fixing the items you listed and paying someone you will easy drop $1500 just to get a 30 year old machine working until the next problem occurs and its still a hard sell because of the size.
  12. Just get some storm pipe from Bunnings and connect it if its close to the house, just tap into the down pipes ( you dont need them all to be connected, just 2 will be fine), get a 1st rain type filter that drains of the first bit of rain with all the crap off your roof (so your tank stays reasonably clean), then feed straight into the tank, just add a overflow for when it fills up then your done, be lucky to cost any more than $200 in bits and half a day labour. Mine has nothing to do with the cost of water, its more because of the watering restrictions, I only use mine when we have a extra hot days and its not my watering day, I found that when you get 3 extra hot days in a row or more the lawn dies pretty quick, then it takes weeks of hand watering to get it to come back only to get another burst of hot days then it starts all over again, so the tanks get switched on for the summer days in between my watering days once a week, it keeps the lawns watered and I dont have to hand water as I have better things to do like play games 🙂.
  13. I have used the white 1000ltr totes behind my shed, they cost me $20 each off gumtree, I used 6 all up stacked 2 high, top ones feed into the bottom ones and they connect together, then enclosed them in colour bond like a shed, no algae yet and when it rains it does not take long to fill 6000ltrs, so the overflow goes into the storm drain. I scored a used pump that works on pressure loss, so as soon as I open the tap or if retic comes on it pumps, I just use it for the lawn during summer.
  14. Well I am 1000% up 😁, I kept my initial investment of $130 in, no rush to cash out, cant see me retiring anytime soon though 😗 I have just received a email from the ATO 😈 wanting their 19%
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