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  1. UPDATE: I've put in two separate orders for a place called Jammastar in France, jammastar.com. They had a sweet Neo Geo keyring, among other things including the IL Euros that no one seems to have in stock and everything else I needed from Highway Entertainment as others noted them for the cam locks. Except my order at HWE hasn't processed. I tried like 4 times on 2 different browsers and two different cards (I assure it's not with my bank) and their payment page kept erroring noting their server as the issue. I've emailed them from the order page and am still yet to hear back. Hope I don't have to wait too long, I did forget about the PH in pretty much every other state other than QLD. @xb74 When the ILE's come in I'll let you know how much better/different they feel compared to the refurbed MCA's when the switches come in for that as well. I've also reached out to a person who used to have HQ .tiff files of all the NeoGeo marquee Arts, but as their website is down it's in storage ATM. I'm hoping to convince to get it back online and hopefully provide a file upload here and or as well us uploading to archive.org for anyone else to easily find it. And still waiting on a quote from Noodle. Not much else at this stage. Bought a bunch of electronic shit that's ready to be used when the new harness and speakers come in and then yeah, learning the nitty gritty of wiring, etc. Anyone of y'all wanna run a workshop? Lol. Guess that's just how it is. Learning from the ground up.
  2. Any updates? Loving this thread mate 🙂
  3. Looking for advice on the switches and lever adjusting. After I finished the refurb one of the two sticks felt better than the other. I've played a few games since the last update and P1 still feels a bit lackluster and also has issues with actuating down. Not sure what to do at this point. I straightened all the switch levers and figured that would help the most, but have no idea really. Should I just replace these with new switches? If yes, which switches? Otherwise any other general advice with ensuring these are up to snuff. They're definitely a lot better then they were but P1 still feels a bit rough if that makes sense.
  4. PM Sent 😄 Amazing! Also, I think with that matte finish I might need to get an acrylic plate to have over the top to protect it. My partner has a side business doing Lazer Cut acrylic jewellery.
  5. Does anyone have any schematics for a 2P 12 Button Lowboy layout? I actually do know someone who is conveniently a metal fabricator, but would need measurements etc. I asked them over the weekend and said the work is easy enough, just need the measurements etc. I don't have digital calipers (yet) to measure what I have and hope someone has plans/schematics for the CPO. If they need the extra work, I could set something up with them as they've never done this kind of work before. To be clear, he does standard body work fabrication, welding and metal work in general. He does body fab for Sprint Cars and Mod Lites for Speedway Racing companies and repair for any racing mudflinging enthusiasts here.
  6. Blast! I also forgot to ask about security locks. There's one missing from the front access door panel. I haven't looked, but I'm assuming one of the sponsored supporters would sell them. Should I buy two? To replace the one on the back so it has the same key? Or do the all work the same? Like a game bit? No idea. Thanks folks.
  7. Any suggestions on speaker replacements? I would like to have full dimensional sound preferably. I'll pay for whatever's worth for something decent rather than buying some cheap Logitech's and cannibalise the enclosure what's inside. I'm at the point of buying new parts. So I think this would be a pretty easy swap in. Just have no idea what to get. Also, side note. This beauty just came in the mail. It's from Pixel Crib. They have some quirky gamer related stuff you can buy, but the books are top quality stuff. Here's the link for those interested. https://www.pixelcrib.com.au/collections/books/products/neo-geo-a-visual-history-standard-edition
  8. Do you have any 2 Player 12 Button CPO's left? I'm currently refurbishing a NeoGeo MVS4 LAI Lowboy cabinet that has the classic LAI NeoGeo 8 Button Layout. Someone suggested I swap in a 12 Button to enjoy multi-game whilst I'm refurbishing the unit. I'm in Brisbane and will pay shipping if it's suitable for the cabinet.
  9. Howdy folks, looking for advice on how to get this back to its former glory. I believe it's originally silk screened as scrubbing with mild detergent was removing the paint. It's degraded a fair amount since new, but obviously I want a permanent solution. Surely I should be able to get something printed. No idea what to ask for it where to look. Any suggestions? Much appreciated.
  10. I'm definitely interested but so much to learn. Got any guides or literature you could link me to?
  11. @namastepat I guess I have some research to do. I have an ... "okay" level of understanding with ROMsets. I have heard of GroovyMAME and I think I have a shitty DELL monitor I was saving for a separate from scratch build "just in case". I think everyone in this thread understands having mildish hoarding tendencies, or can concede to having mild to severe hoarding tendencies lol. Sorry to call everyone out. Still learning all the lingo, etc, whine, moan, cry, blah. Do you have any thoughts on MiSTerCade?
  12. Wow! This community is amazing ☺️ I'll be honest, I uh, wasn't ready to jump straight into hunting CRT. I still have no idea how all the wiring etc works. I just dropped $350 on buying a whole new Hakko Soldering station and all beginner parts to get prepared on buying a replacement MVS 4 slot. That's about as far as I got with project thoughts as I thought by that point I'd know how I wanted to proceed, because I want to buy an Astro City and that be my sit-down dedicated FPGA for loading and playing games. For this I think ultimately I do want to have a CRT for it, but I think the LCD is fine for now. Yes, to those asking /curious it only came with the current LCD conversion. Previous owner sold the CRT and all the original MVS hardware, but was perfect for me as a beginner to start off with less to fix and understand. I'm just on the fence about getting dedicated MVS hardware with some cartridges as I know this will be the "stand up" party cabinet for guests and it is limited to 4 buttons. Unless someone makes a 6 button CPO for LAI Lowboys? I still need to learn about wiring and basic electrical stuff, because I have absolutely no fucking clue about ohms, hertz, etc. Like I'm not sure on what I want to do beyond the immediate obvious cosmetics. I want to replace the buttons and sticks. Easy choice. New vinyl artwork. Easy. Marquee LED conversion. Easy. But yeah, lots still to learn and do. In the end I want to be clean and I'd say where I'm at now the list goes like this. 1. Buy replacement sticks and buttons. 2. Post request for help about replacement artwork for CPO, Memory Card Metal Cover Plate (NeoGeo Logo). 3. Check the kick plate and assess the bottom of the cabinet for any damage or rotting that needs to be addressed. 4. Post request for help on getting replacement marque artwork. 5. Post request for help on finding a service manual? If that even exists for this. 6. Decide on MVS hardware or ArcadePi setup. MVS hardware would limit games vs the existing Pandora, but the Pandora 5s is terrible and has limited customisation. ArcadePi or something similar would allow me to customise button mapping and also expand the gaming catalogue to a whole slew of 2-4-8-Way games that aren't limited to NeoGeo's catalogue. 7. Learn about soldering and wiring a JAMMA harness from scratch, all the Molex connectors and all the leftover hardware from the previous owner. 8. Catalog and document everything. If anyone is up for a call to discuss pros and cons. Does this place have a dedicated Discord? Curious if not. Super easy to setup and would be happy to do that for yas. Fuck Facebook. (Yes I have it, for family mostly) Just yeah. Anyway, I'm on lunch ATM and gotta get back to it. Thanks to this community though. It's nice getting all the feedback and having y'all to talk to through this. Cheers to @xb74 @namastepat @djsheep @Autosteve @redferatu @Berty and @thejudge for all your input.
  13. Hooked up. Works First go. Guess I did a good job. Okay, legit. Night folks.
  14. The CP is finally done. Jesus. I did not think it would take this long. Granted this is merely cleaned and giving a rejuvenation, but so many little parts that needed cleaning. It was a great experience, but I do not want to do that again for long while lol. I started with the buttons today and checked out all the human filth and gunk. Jif does an amazing job on plastics. The mild abrasion from the particles in the cream works through any grease and can sometimes buff out minor scratches. I have no intention bringing this mismatch of buttons back to their former glory. This is the best they'll receive. After cleaning and reassembly I got to work on the the screws which were quite tarnished and had a decent amount of surface rust. I had them bathing in vinegar since yesterday which had softened and made cleaning them easier, but still a laborious task. Even after cleaning them off rust on the brush wheel. I laid them down and cleaning the others, some of them had rust building up again. Hit them on the wheel again and wiped down with WD-40 to help seal it in. This seemed to help. I took to the wiring harness which just needed a wipe down and that was about it. Didn't need much else. It was finally time to grease the sticks and rubber bushings. So I disassembled these MCA's for like the eighth time lol. I've definitely become well acquainted with these now and have developed a deep respect for them, which is also in thanks to @Autosteve & @namastepat for explaining its history and bringing some appreciation to it for me. After completing the greasing and fixing the bent switch levers. It feels 10x better. Still has a short throw which I'm not a fan of, but nevertheless all this work has lead to a decently performing stick that doesn't feel stiff as fuck. The final countdown! Smashed almost an entire season of Fringe and putting this bad boy back together commenced. My mild OCD demanded the orientation of the buttons had to be facing the same way and of course I then had to rangle the existing wiring harness with these adjustments, then figure out where everything went and making sure I screwed the ground points to the panel properly. And it's done! Ain't she a beaut? I'm almost afraid to mount it again. Anyway, I'm beat. Another day and another task complete. Hope y'all enjoy. Night folks.
  15. The revival and continued strength from the once hated and misunderstood Street Fighter III: Third Strike, comes a story about the Jazzy Circuit Cup in NYC 2019. It's really nice to see just how far SF3 has come and is now deeply engrained in the fighting community as one of the king's of technical play.
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