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  1. Cheers peeps 51 today, seems a lifetime ago when first on this forum, the early days of talking about arcade cabs and mentioning pinball, to what pinball has grown too!! Learnt so much from the best here and always held it close to my heart. Learning everything from you guys from soldering, console modding, MAMEing arcade cabs without destroying them to doing whole pinball play field strips, from getting up to QLD to MEGAMEET, being able to stay at @WOKA and being a great host. This place certainty helped me through not only my hobbies but at times a place to vent, to console, a family love you all !!
  2. The days when I used to pick up Hankins for $60 and both had BombJack boards, sigh
  3. It is amazing what has happened as per original post I was nothing but ridiculed for buying my first pinball in 1998 (F14 Tomcat) , which I still have, at the time it was 11 years old and purchased for $600, it is now been at the same home for 23 years. Only the last 5 years I get random people enquiring about buying a machine, where do I get one etc, even my CEO at work bailed me up 3 years ago and wanted a pinball machine, I suggested then you are probably better buying one new with the way prices are going. Opening my Garage door with people walking by always poses the question would love to play those, where do you get them etc.
  4. Squid Game is great, Korean made with english over dubbing, probably best to watch with subtitles
  5. Looks great and agree, the glass was a good move, you got a CRT in it?
  6. Would like one of the pop bumper post mods as well please!
  7. Yeah I reckon quite a lot, I always see an AC/DC for sale, but the prices are huge, I had to sell my BIBLE 5 or 6 years ago for $10,000 due to a bad situation at the time, now seeing LUCI's going for $16,000, regretful sale but in a better situation these days because of that. I have actually been quite amazed at the price any pinball is going for these days.
  8. Yes all going well, people should be getting games Mid Sept ? for the first 2 containers shipped. I was keen to go in when this was first announced as the release coincided with my 50th, I decided not too, and thought I would miss out and sort of regretted it. Knowing they are still available and hearing a lot of good things about this game I decided to pull the pin. Probably worked out well waiting as I may of still been waiting if I had ordered Oct 2020, quite excited now.
  9. Quote latest "Two containers have left today and two are booked September. This will fulfil all orders I have + more for now so yes I should have all games this side of Christmas"
  10. Well this is what he wrote, I would think this year means 2021 If you ordered now you would get a game October / November this year. The games now have been rectified and they have put protection in the areas of concern. It is a $1,500 dollar deposit to secure one and the balance is due pre delivery to you. Hope this helps Paul
  11. Contacted Paul today and if I ordered an LE would have it in October, seen to many good reviews to miss out on this machine.
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