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  1. @Deafman013 could be low on hydraulic fluid in the cylinder . May be getting an air lock causing it to drop suddenly . If you top it up then make sure you have it all the way down when you do . Too much fluid in the cylinder will prevent it from going all the way down .
  2. Depending how bad you want one , there's a couple in this auction : https://www.aussiearcade.com/topic/97598-huge-pinball-and-arcade-auction-one-of-the-biggest-in-history/?tab=comments#comment-1235993
  3. Is it just me or does pinball seem to be getting closer and closer to the video game genre .
  4. Happy Birthday Alison . Hope you have a wonderful day .
  5. TEZZA !!!! Happy Birthday ole mate .
  6. Easy way to fix it Edy . Throw that damn phone away ! :laugh:
  7. Usually on the back of the machine , on the small sticker that states the model , country it was built for , serial number etc.
  8. I have heard that Gottlieb's Haunted House and Black Hole are pretty weighty .
  9. Such sad news indeed . My heart goes out to Alison and Mark's family . He will be missed deeply by all those who had the pleasure of knowing him .
  10. Happy Birthday to a great bloke and good mate . Look forward to catching up over a beer or two soon .
  11. Happy Birthday mate . Hope you had a great day .
  12. Have a set of used but great condition Stern side rails . They are the black wrinkle finish ( not glossy ) . Came off my LOTR . $20
  13. Having a bit of a clean-up / clearout of the games room and selling off some stuff . First up is a used ACDC LE playfield . This the playfield that was originally delivered in my machine . I got a new one under warranty due to this one having a dent / dimple in front of the Hells Bell scoop area ( see pics ) . The rest of the playfield is in really nice condition . Asking $400 .
  14. Wow. Absolutely gutted by the news . So sad . Our community truly has lost one of its all time heroes . Got some pics of Yee I thought I'd share .
  15. Happy Birthday Moyra . If it's too cold to go for a birthday ride then get that red beast of Michael's out and drive it like ya stole it !
  16. I agree that general overall condition is more important . Total number of plays can also vary considerably ... I mean a really good player could have say 50 games that last say 30 minutes each game whereas a novice could have 50 games that lasted only 1 - 2 minutes each . A better indicator in the audits if it had it would be total minutes or hours played .
  17. Rear side windows look a bit squarish to be a Patrol ? I was thinking it looked like a Holden Jackaroo at first glance . Anyhow I've reposted your original post onto Pinside Gemini . The more eyes and ears out there the better .
  18. @JustAnotherRat try getting in touch with Spurry (Mark) .He's a member here ( SPURR ) , and he's from Newy . He used to fix these sort of things and TV's for a living . Haven't heard from him in a good while though .
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