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  1. OMG that is devastating news . I've known Matt on here since joining in 2008 . I've had the pleasure of meeting him in person at various meets etc. and he truly was a gentleman . He will be missed greatly and my thoughts go out to his family .
  2. Happy Birthday to a top bloke and a great mate . Hope you have a good day Jeff .
  3. Happy birthday ya big hairy bugga .
  4. Happy Birthday Kev . Have a great day mate .
  5. Yep . Dogs and Staffys in particular can have a bad rep for being vicious killing machines . I tend to disagree . An old photo of my old mate that proves otherwise :
  6. Yeah my last Staffy passed away over 7 years ago from old age . Really was my best mate . Took me this long to bring myself to get another but the time felt right . BOY and his name is going to be CERBERUS .
  7. Going to be getting a new addition to the family next weekend .
  8. Happy Birthday Jase . Hope you have a great day buddy .
  9. Depending on the machine , chroming the legs can be another option . I know it may make it non-original but on machines like Playboy for example if you have a nice shiny coin door and rails then chrome legs really set it off nicely .
  10. Nice looking machine Scott . Hulk art blades and shooter rod look great . GLWS .
  11. Happy Birthday for yesterday Michael .Hope you had a great day mate .
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