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  1. 1942 Double Dragon Tiger Heli Commando Gauntlet But even then, I was around to play the original space invaders back in 1978 (standing on an upturned milk crate, a line of 20c coins on the rim!) so it's really hard to pick specific machines! But those above definitely had a big impact in my life.
  2. Wow That was a terrific read mate, I have been away from the forum for some time and was very impressed with the results. Must have cost a tonne! I'm still renting (probably forever) so a real 'gaming room' isn't something I'll likely ever have, but it's still really nice to sit back and enjoy the ride as others live the dream. Would love to see some more recent photos of your setup if you have the time. Very inspiring thread! Congrats! :)
  3. Item is now sold. Thanks for looking folks.
  4. This is still available at the price indicated. I haven't heard back from DMworking as yet :/ Shipping as advertised (pickup not possible). If you're keen, PM me. Will ship via Platinum post the same day funds clear. Speak with Bwodie if you're wondering about dealing with me, just completed a successful transaction with him. Many thanks for looking.
  5. AVGN makes me laugh, been watching him for years.
  6. No one is keen it seems - fair enough. Please close off the thread Cheers
  7. Howdy folks, looking to offload the following. It's a GAME and WATCH LCD Donkey Kong II Game has a few scratches on the front cover due to natural wear and tear, else it's in great condition with battery cover intact. No batteries with it, but there's no bleeding and no loss of clarity. Comes 'as is' - no box or manuals sorry, but it'll be shipped with solid packaging and due care. Asking price : $50 + Postage ($11.90 for an Express Post Platnum 500g Satchel) PM me if you're keen, although at this price I don't expect it'll last long. :cry Thanks gents.
  8. Kids have a Wii at home and although I'm a zelda fan - I'm not sure about this one. It certainly looks good, but I'm not sure about the traditional corded remote & chuck being more of a hindrance than benefit. Seems a little... gimmicky for me. But then again, it might just be because the presenters suck at the game ;) Reminds me a lot of this old classic... HAHA! Donkey Kong country returns looks really nice though...
  9. Hmmm payment still pending on this one. Bwodie, PM me with the latest mate - haven't heard from you. cheers.
  10. Well that's the psychology of it. I KNOW how much it's worth and it's worth a lot more than $300. But if someone bids under and wins, no worries - good luck to them. That's the gamble you take with these things. Those who are after only Red Dead go ahead and have a bid - it's only a 3 day Auction and you just never know ;) I bought Red Dead for $110 only 2 weeks back - the receipt is still in the cover of the game! :lol
  11. Sorry mate but no. I'm going to put this lot up on ebay. if you're keen for a bid there the URL is as follows : http://cgi.ebay.com.au/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=330441715012 Note that the starting price for this is just $1 starting bid. You guys might get this for a bargain anyway if you bid there. Good luck!
  12. Guys, I'm dropping this price to $50 + Postage for the next 24 hours. After that, this lot goes to Ebay. That's a pretty fair asking price considering what's on offer. PM me if interested. Cheers
  13. Guys, I am dropping the price on this lot to $300 FLAT Postage is FREE I will leave it up for the next day or two only at this price and then this is going to Ebay. This is as low as this offer will go. Even at $300 you're getting excellent value for money on this deal and I'm already losing a lot on this trade. PM me if interested. Cheers
  14. PM = Private Message. Books are sold pending payment from Bwodie. If you folks are keen, I'm offloading some video games in the Computer and Console sections ;) Cheers guys, I'm sure you'll love these. I've had them for ages, bought all of them myself brand new years ago and they've been in the bookcase ever since. Nice buy! :cry
  15. Evening Folks - another one for you today that's a bit of an oddball, but might appeal to the Guitar Players out there. Below is an assortment of Sheetmusic (with TABS) for Guitar players. A great little collection with a little of everything. All books are in 'good' condition - no pages missing from any or marks in the books themselves. Got some real classics here lads : Guns n Roses : Appetite for Destruction Bon Jovi : New Jersey Joe Satriani : Surfing with the Alien Dire Straits : Money for Nothing Metallica : And Justice for All Original Dave Gilmour licks Asking Price : $70 + Postage Postage is a Platinum express post satchel (3kg) - $15.60 Will post Anywhere in Australia. Good chance to grab some classics for cheap! I'll see if I can slip in something else extra ;) Direct Deposit thanks gents. PM me. Cheers
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