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Community Answers

  1. Welcome to AA and welcome to Australia when you get here.
  2. Highway have confirmed that they have received the first lot of adapter cables. They should have them up on their website for sale soon.
  3. I have sent off 8 of them to Highway yesterday, so they should have them next week sometime for sale. I have order some more parts to I can make up some more.
  4. Thanks @djsheep. These cables only the provide the mains power input and the 3.3v, 5v and 12v outputs. It does not include any of the IO connections or the Test, Service or AF+/AF- connections. It could still be used in an Astro for the power if the unit has the same type of power connectors, but you would need to find other ways to connect the other connections.
  5. The first lot of cables have been made up and shipped off to Highway for sale.
  6. First adapter cable almost ready to go. This one still needs a few more +5v added, but I ran out. Getting some more this afternoon.
  7. Just an update as I know a lot of people are still after these adaptors. Though I am not able to get the original pcb connectors, I have managed to source some the sockets and will be making up simple wire harness adaptors to replace the Sega Model 3 power supplies. As soon as I have some made up I will post some pictures here and once again, these will be sold through Highway Entertainment. No that is a different system with different connectors.
  8. There is no problems using an ultrasonic, just use the same info from the first post regarding cleaning solutions and drying of the boards. You would just want to be careful putting boards that had damaged solder mask, lifting traces or similar sorts of issues into an ultrasonic as it would like exacerbate the issue further.
  9. Lets keep the depression talk out of this thread. Discuss it in the RUOK thread if you want to continue it.
  10. Sorry to hear that Pete. Depression is one of the hardest things to deal with and to offer advice on. There is just so many different variations of depression and everyone of us is unique in how we look at the world. I can somewhat relate to the medical reasons part of it due to a car accident that injured my back and that I have permanent ongoing issues with, but I also suffer fairly bad anxiety as well. Thankfully I was able to find medication which has so far been helping for many years now, though I still have some tough times here and there. I hope you have some good friends who are able to at least offer that moral support and also that distraction which we all sometimes need, just to get our minds off things for a few seconds.
  11. Outage has now ended and everything is back on the mains and the primary UPS.
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