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  1. Hey at @buttersoft dude I had a small meet recently, sorry you missed out, I didn't make it public as I wanted numbers to be under 20 which was great and made for a fun casual meet. That said if you are coming to Lonnie send me a PM as I'm usually home and you are welcome to come along and play some games.
  2. The sad thing is that if Billy had fessed up from the start of these allegations and said he did use mame for convenience and he had no problem with replaying on arcade boards then I wouldn't have had an issue with that. But no he has spun lies and digs himself deeper and deeper with conflicting stories and bullshit, no only did he say he say he didn't use mame for the recording he says he has never played a game on mame at all :o FFS as if any retro gamer who plays 80's classics all the time and who's life revolves around 80's games would not have ever used mame to relive a few gaming memories. Now he is trying to destroy the lives of others for his own gain, he doesn't even need the money, he is just a tosser.
  3. Does this fool have any support in the gaming community anymore? I sure hope not, does Walter still stand by him? I used to maintain personal contact with Walter and he and Billy both donated prizes to arcade meets I have run in the past and they awarded me with a TG card. Sadly that holds no value for me anymore as they have long ago lost my respect :(
  4. Hi candy cab fans :) I have a spare Astro City CP that I'm considering selling locally, sorry I'm not interested in posting it at this stage and this is not a for sale post I'm just enquiring about the value. What do you guys think would be a reasonable price considering the condition? The front is in OK condition and the rust on the back should clean up if anyone can be bothered.
  5. Thanks @Jed yeah I have been a big fan of Danny since his first video over ten years ago, such a smooth and skillful rider :)
  6. Sadly this event has been postponed, but will go ahead at a date to be advised ASAP.
  7. Postponed....new date to be advised. The most ambitious Pinball Event Tasmania has ever seen :D inspired by Pinfest Newcastle and promoted by Tassie Pinball Mafia will ensure this event kicks arse :cool: Event Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/events/237204700607746/ Tas pin and arcade page https://www.facebook.com/groups/taspinarcade/
  8. Thanks for that @buttersoft I noticed that bcg has already found and joined the FB group, if anyone else finds this thread the name of the group is "Tasmanian Pinball & Arcade Game Enthusiasts"
  9. #4 Any money earned from whatever source in a financial year goes toward your tax threshold. So if you earn $15k from investments then you pay tax on the first $ earned elsewhere. So yes he would pay tax on the first $ earned in the second job. Sent from my SM-A505YN using Aussie Arcade mobile app
  10. I was considering a NIB purchase of IM or JP2 but these playfield issues are the final straw. I have now spent my pinball money on a new Mountain bike instead. I will wait a year or so and see if Stern can make a quality pin. Sent from my SM-A505YN using Aussie Arcade mobile app
  11. Really? if you bought a new car and the paint fell off after a couple of drives would you be satisfied and just drive it? I retract what I said about playfield protectors above because it has been stated that they don't help with this issue and the clear and art will still chip away under the protector. Yep there are different levels of how much this has affected some people, but that is not an excuse to be totally dismissive IMO.
  12. I'm drunk and not reading well :D but if it's a convergence issue magnets can bring the image across. I used my kids fridge letter magnets to fix my Vectrex.
  13. This is what I came to the thread to say :) I have two games I use playfield protectors on and one I don't, I can't tell the difference in ball roll. Get the protectors dialled with artwork printed on them then make the playfields out of sheet metal, sell the games with a spare protector to be installed after 20,000 games when it wears out. Problem solved forever :)
  14. I was looking forward to listening to this episode on my way home from work tomorrow. But I just read that there is no mention of Stern or their new JP game in the discussion about recent clear coat issues. That is what I was most interested in hearing about as I was considering a NIB purchase. Sent from my SM-A505YN using Aussie Arcade mobile app
  15. Great episode, looking for the link to the video of Keith's one flipper slap save move I feel the need to practice this skill :)
  16. Australian law is 12 months warranty and more for something this expensive. Stern can't give a 3 month warranty here legally AFAIK. Sent from my SM-A505YN using Aussie Arcade mobile app
  17. IMO just stop looking at pins in America it will only make you feel bad :) As Tony said above you will end up paying double what they are worth, shipping will cost more and be more time consuming than you think, the cheaper sale price will not cover the freight in most cases. Buying from a dealer in the US does not really decrease the risk of surprises. Why not just put a wanted post here and be patient? you could also contact a few importers here and tell them what games you are interested in and ask to be put on a waiting list. Ask to be first to inspect if the title you want comes in, but I would be cautious buying or putting a deposit on a game in advance before seeing and playing it. - - - Updated - - - Looking at your wanted list there was a SoF listed here a couple of days ago, did you grab that? that might tide you over while you wait for a Tommy or Sorcerer?
  18. Are you sure it's the game boards and not the monitor chassis? One of my chassis squeals a little bit but it's not bad enough for me to bother fixing as mostly I don't notice it over my tinnitus [emoji12] It's common for some chassis, if you find it is the chassis I can find some info Jomac sent me which might help. Sent from my SM-A505YN using Aussie Arcade mobile app
  19. Yeah bring back the score reels WTF was wrong with them? TBH I like the size of the LCD on the new Stern's and the one on my MMr but I really don't like the full backbox screens on the Jersey Jack games and the over use of movie clips, it's a pinball FFS not a movie. I also miss the simple but challenging video modes pinball used to have, classics like shooting the jet skis on FT they don't seem to feature at all on modern pinballs?
  20. If you want quality then it's Jim from WDPU he does a repro that is better than original, fair price considering and shipped from UK. If you are interested Wayne PM me your prefered email and I will pass it onto him. - - - Updated - - - We are talking the up/down joystick I assume? he does full CPs also but probably only Williams.
  21. Looks great, are those globes in the middle of the room overhead?
  22. This is true as long as it isn't a Chinese multiboard PC nightmare beast running Chinese Windows and not even enabling you to access the mame configurations. I bought a three sided cocktail like that and spent a year trying to "get into it" but ended up selling it, best thing I ever did :)
  23. Yep we all know that 1up cabs are a thing, but Asalza has specifically pointed out the new Star Wars Cabs, perhaps they have been discussed in the other thread? who cares? What is the point of posting unsupportive and dismissive posts that don't even link to the info that the OP would benefit from?
  24. I'm a member of the "Vectrex , XY and Vector monitors The Technical Side" facebook group and TBH most of the stuff they are into there is far too technical for me to actually do, they do some fantastic stuff like building their own vector monitors and reproducing the chassis etc etc. Anyway a few months ago they posted about the 1up Star Wars cabs and the one they posted had a REAL Alan-1 SW Repro Yoke from here https://alan-1.com/product/alan-1-star-wars-flight-yoke/ There was debate about if that yoke would be included on the final product, the bloke who makes the Alan-1 was also posting in the thread, I asked him directly if his product would be on the 1up but he didn't answer. His yoke is top quality and the price reflects that, I can't imagine they will be able to make them cheaply enough to put them on the 1up at the price point they like to keep to, but if they do then I will be tempted to buy one :D OK I just did some googling and found all the answers......yep they will have a cheap yoke that will probably be rubbish, it is possible to upgrade but too expensive to tempt me so I'm out. It is great news that the Alan-1 has been reduced from $499 to $350 (USD) because of this, but it's still too much to interest me. See here
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