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  1. Hello fellow Pinheads :) I don't know if it's on here as I have not been on the site for quite a while but I was thinking of all you guys today and wanted to let you know that Jurassic Park Stern pro is at the Caloundra Cinemas in the new arcade centre. I found it today and had about 12 games and while a slight lean to the right and a dodgy sling that could easily be fixed it was lots of fun. Anyway I just wanted to let everyone know. Not too much pinball related happens in Caloundra.
  2. Thanks Oolong, appreciate your help, I knew most of that but kept getting a black screen on startup, but after several hours later, I worked out the problem and all good now. I needed to download the latest ios58
  3. Title says it all, but does anyone in the Caloundra area know how to work a home-brew wii with neo gamma and stuff on it. I have some game cube iso's but this thing is next level and even though I can work most emulators this is way out of my league. help wanted or I will just have to return the wii and get a refund, long story short it was bought off ebay as new and clearly isn't but if i could get this thing to play gamecube iso's then I would be happy to keep it. you can also phone me if you are near so i will cross my fingers that someone near here is cluey with this stuff. 0438577206
  4. I have one happy camper and one that missed it by 5 minutes :) :( I've never had a text straight after a sale so close and felt really bad for him, but the other guy was very happy.
  5. SOLD PENDING PAYMENT - must have been too cheap, haha
  6. Hi Guys, I am selling my Hulk LE Avengers and need it to go to a good home. I won't get around to pics till the weekend, but thought I'd drop it on here first for the pinheads that support the hobby. I bought this early in the year and whilst i'm not the original owner as I usually am when I sell pins, I can vouch for the fact that is in excellent condition or I wouldn't of bought it, because I am Mr picky. Anyway I can send pics to your mobiles if your interested also. Not a scratch or mark on it! The only thing I would say is that two red rubber posts could be replaced and the flipper rubbers need replacing also, but thats very minor. It hasn't missed a beat since I got it and it plays perfectly. Comes with the manual and certificate of Authenticity also. Good Luck :) I am asking exactly what I paid nothing more nothing less $7600 Thanks , Andrew 0438577206
  7. These are getting hard to come by and very expensive these days too. I still remember buying my first Indy for $1800 from Leisure and Allied Brisbane so many years ago.
  8. Yeah I loved this game and very nearly bought one, having played it I think it's better than the original but I prefer the cartoon look and new sound effects. I think at this stage we should probably just raffle it off :rolleyes
  9. sorry for the delay , yes it seems to be working now. I just tried again the other day and all worked. It will remain a mystery I guess. Thanks for checking back with me :)
  10. When I watched the deadflip video and saw the death star blow up on the premium It was very underwhelming. It just opens like a kinder surprise , huh. Seemed a bit lame, but i love the sound effects on this one because who doesn't love Star Wars light saber sounds. I have my fingers crossed for an Elvira 3 title sometime next year.
  11. tried a few things but still can't send either new pm's or reply and same thing happened on my iPad which makes it weirder. screen shot here of the mac
  12. mcfly

    Jjp #4

    sorry to jump in here on this thread Scott, but I can't reply to your message or anyones for that matter, because I keep getting a message saying this has triggered a web application firewall and is blocked both on my iPad and mac. Didn't want you to think i was being rude, I've got this message ready to send and it won't go anywhere. arghghhh. But on this topic I would love a Dialled in it looks awesome. Great lightshow
  13. good luck with the sale John :)
  14. mcfly


    so much Bling :) nice collection. I have played the vault spiderman edition at Surfers and loved it.
  15. Well I have been busy playing my shiny new toy Avengers Hulk LE and just had a 35 minute game, 3 ball stock standard settings and can now say I have completely finished it. Finished Hellicarrier then kept going and got to Battle for the Earth after completing all the vs modes. Final score 215 516 090 - I don't think I will be beating that for a while. Oh and I also did this while cooking a baked dinner.
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