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  1. Hi guys, just looking for a ball park price check on a Gottleib Pinball Pool. I’d say good condition, but not restored or near that level. cheers.
  2. Hello hello....have myself a WRC conversion kit on a cab, and am wondering what other car games can be installed on this? throttle is on off, spring centred wheel, horizontal and
  3. I guess at the end of the day it and a few of the others are just too sensitive for my style. The playboy and Phoenix didn’t tilt once. I was also at pinball paradise and played TAF and plenty of others with no issue.
  4. On a recent trip I dropped by the Golden Fleece Hotel. Some nice pins in there, new and old. My only gripe........tilt set way too sensitive. I like to give a little persuasion when playing, but man, one little nudge, and I mean little, and it was all over! I’m not sure if the owner of these are a member here, but if you are, please loosen up on the tilt status a bit....pleeeease lol. Ps I literally had to stand like a robot on some of them. Namely Jurassic Park. Didn’t play it again.
  5. Thought I’d post a pic of my pins so far. I had no games whatsoever for some years, so just getting back into the swing of it. Latest was the Space Shuttle. Ran a rubber kit and replaced some flipper parts. DKong gave it a fix and tweak and it played rock solid for my mini meet last night. Not sure how many I’ll get, but I’m going to be very selective according to my needs. Phantom is shallow, but it’s a fast and furious game to play, with great art and excellent sound. Space Shuttle has a nice flow, and is a great all rounder with cool art and audio as well. Definitely a difference between Williams and Data East. Both great pins in their own right.
  6. Yo peeps, can anyone reproduce this on a shiny silver sticker? Once again shipping from US has ruined it for me. Cheers.
  7. Hi all, I’m having a little trouble finding the correct flipper coils for SS. The manual says FL23/600-30-2600-50VDC I can’t seem to find them on RTBB with that number. Is there another that I can use? Or are these the only ones? Cheers in advance!
  8. G’day guys, I’m looking to rebuild the flippers on Space Shuttle ( Williams ) and wondering where I can buy these parts from? I’ve found them on eBay, but I’d rather get them from a supplier here if possible. Also, do I put brand new solinoids in as well, or just keep the existing ones in? Cheers!
  9. Cheers fellas! The big 50 crept upon me lol.
  10. Can't leave comments on Ebay, that seems to be thriving a little. either buy the item by pm or don't as far as I can tell.
  11. Recommendations on where to get, and what wand is a good one please? Cheers!
  12. Hi guys! I remember a few years ago someone posted a link to a video of a guy standing on pinball glass and basically watching it bend back and forth. The tapping it with a hammer gently on a corner and it exploding. I’ve looked but can’t find it anywhere. Can someone link me to this vid if it still exists? Cheers! - - - Updated - - - All good. I just found it! - - - Updated - - -
  13. Got my 750 in 1 board. Everything is fine except for a delay with sound. Anyone else experience this? It’s like a half second delay from the time you hit jump, to the time the jump sound happens. It’s on all the games I played, so doesn’t seem to be game specific. Cheers.
  14. I can’t believe Justin can fit all those pins in that small space! It ain’t big in there at all!
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