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  1. My only strategy for this game is, always go as fast as you can, always get the diagonal thingy that freezes the board, and always be shooting.
  2. Thank you kindly. And since I never formally introduced myself in my first MGL, the name is Shannon Hamill. From Canada…not Switzerland. 🇨🇦
  3. Only played this on Atari. Soon as I seen the title, I remembered that "Luthor destroys the Gond"
  4. I do have the INP if required. In fact, I posted it over at DKF to be validated for their DK3 leaderboard.
  5. Looks like my retropie image is not using the puckman rom, judging by the ghost names I am seeing in other screenshots. You can remove my pacman score and I will see if I can get the right rom and try again .
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