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  1. Yes some satisfying shots, lots of makeable backhands. Straight up the guts seems to get a work out and is and easy shot. Had a chance to see the pro and LE against each other. Stark differences in the finish and sound. The mini pf is quite fun on the LE as its tough as nails. Not at all like that disaster in munsters or ACDC and a step up from GOT.
  2. lots of threads on pinside about this for the last 20 years. "Stern cranking out more machines and expecting people to buy vault editions of pins they already have. Complete code abandonment of past titles. Continuing to raise prices only to cut even more corners. Current pin resurgence will only last so long. When do you think the inevitable Stern bubble will burst? " in 2015. Back when you could buy a TWDLE for 9500 lots more back 20 years when you paid 4500 NIB. Too many people now are interested in pinball for prices to crash and there's plenty of cash around atm. I'm not mad on losing $ on the buy and sell but I also love golf and a good course is 15k entry and 4-5k subs, so the first game costs you near 20k. At the moment pinball is one of my hobbies and I don't belong to a golf course but pay green fees at public courses which is far cheaper. Even if they market came off a bit, you'd never do anything like that coin.
  3. About the same as house prices which is a fair old whack, like >10% compound from about 1996 eg could have bought any old inner city dump in Melbourne in 96', like south Melbourne for 180k, now they're about 2m I remember seeing a TZ in the trading post late 90s for 1500 or so, all day they are 12500 now which is closer to 9%, still a great investment and great fun!
  4. Equilibrium demand and supply 3.1 Demand, Supply, and Equilibrium in Markets for Goods and Services – Principles of Economics (opentextbc.ca)
  5. Many of us wanted pinball to become more popular. Well, here we are.
  6. Love a congo left flipper shot as there are two shots to hit, however perhaps JP has the most satisfying right flipper combo of shots available adding a ramp or two and that right orbit shot
  7. Not for me as I have one. This guy will pay good money for a reasonable stars
  8. Yeah I don't buy to flip, just get bored with them after I've played them relentlessly and want to move onto the next as there's plenty I haven't owned. The problem is with that approach, you miss big updates and significant changes to the code. MET is one I missed out on as is IM. Would have put 2k games on that when I owned it pre 1.01 release. Those are two I would like to own again. I'm certainly not a collector.. 😉 Yeah Tron.. Congo is better
  9. Yikes those prices. Struggled to get 12.,5 for my METLE a few years ago, however other markets are up too in the time of cheap $ Cars and certain property markets, like Mornington peninsula property have doubled in <4 years too
  10. Interesting to read what others find, as I do when you get a new game. The honeymoon period only lasts so long and then, sometimes at least with me, I can't wait to see the end of it. AIQ anyone? Out of the 60 odd games I've owned there's a few regrets in letting them go, but not really as I probably know someone with the game or can play on site; not atm of course... The only game I'd like to own "for ever", is....Stars. Great pinball on so many levels. What are your bolted to the floor games?
  11. in relation to Godzilla, looks fun with some unique mechs. I was down for an LE since early June but missed out. Must have been only 5 or so delivered to Australia, or plenty of peeps before me. Strange.
  12. Nah my instructions are start em’ at $1. They know the drill If for instance they were sold in this market, they’d reach a fair and reasonable end price as long as the didn’t sell the gunners ce as an se I guess :D
  13. At the end of the day they're just objects to me, of no real value except the $ After working out I've had close to 70 pins, there's not one I couldn't live without if it came to it. Best to sell at some stage or tell your kids to start the auction at 1$ when its time to sell. Collecting anything to me is bordering on hoarding and reminds me of one of those blokes with old newspapers from 1972 in his garage that he saves for the future. Zero interest for me.
  14. I've got a nice Congo for sale for a little less ;)
  15. What, so we have a "lockdown" like NSW? Played in a comp last night. Try doing that in NSW
  16. Are there any other CE unveiling’s?
  17. I'm sure you had one once, did you sell? Know of a bloke with one. Will see if he'll let it go
  18. Yeah from what I hear it’s all a massive conspiracy worldwide led by a few of the elite reptoids
  19. Pro plays better than the other two imho, however this is a great deal! Tempted too but no room GLWS
  20. you've missed out on some of the best games ever produced then, but yeah I was nearly there too if I had more room Hope they kill it and make heaps!
  21. Old thread @Budgie but have recently added a barn find to the games room and put in a pinsound board. I forgot how much fun this game is and the pinsound with custom music makes it a game changer too. They're exe, the pinsound board, but on this title a must.
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