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  1. I have a few questions relating to this board set, I’ve researched loads of places and for one piece of info found no answer. 1, Will this game run with bad RAM? This board has had a total RAM swap, no horizontal lines with ram H out, just unsynced blocks and long dots, Game does run but display is a mess, tried both original and latest RAM TEST progs, have pics if anyone would like to see. odd that original test only displays anything if I swap the 9310 aka 74LS160 (C7) for a LS163.. 2, in the midway 8080 standardised test procedure it mentions Frequency’s at C7 pins 14-11 are they correct. also in same a list of freq for the 74LS161 chain D5,E5,E6,E7 again are they correct, should note that the bottom set 60Hz, 120Hz, 240Hz, 490Hz are all correct, at the top I don’t get 245Khz I get 312KHz.. any help info greatly appreciated Ta! Pete
  2. Hi Im Pete, based in West Yorks, Technician for over 40 years, running a repair business from home. recently had the opportunity to repair Vintage Games Boards and am reading everything I can find. Cheers Pete
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