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  1. There is also Zaccaria pinball that has a $14.99USD DLC to add virtual reality support. The zac pins are not expensive to get per pin either. And Pinball FX2VR is good also. Really hoping Fx3 gets VR support as they now have the williams license. So far released Medieval Madness, Fish Tales, Junk yard and The Getaway High Speed II. The ACDC table in Stern Pinball Arcade with rift is awesome. @PinSinner - I get how the table pincab controller would be set up, but how does nudging work? Is it via actually nudging the table a bit, or button setup somehow?
  2. Thank you both Alex and Fiona for putting on the meet. Your pins are all in gread condition and play well. Great catching up with Tony again and getting back in to it again after several years away. Also good to meet some new pinheads. Bring on pinfest. Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  3. Can I put my name down for this one. I'll PM you my name etc as I doubt I've met you. Tony knows who I am :-).
  4. Happy Birthday Dave. Hope you had a great day. :D
  5. They were looking to ban trolleys from the self serve areas as well. I guess to limit the number of items you can take in at a time. Up our way, you will be lucky to see a checkout person on duty in our local coles. They tend to keep the register open near the smoke section and that attendant runs both in case someone really wants to use the checkout.
  6. Bad dudes Vs Dragon Ninja was a game like Shinobi. Also Wild West Cowboys Of Moo Messa is good fun. of course there is Metal slug, uses the side scrolling, top and bottom levels similar to rolling thunder.
  7. Gotta love outrun, Chase HQ is nice as well.
  8. Wow Tony, touching post. I didn't see it as I was off AA and off everything really battling my own depression. I get what your saying about not getting over something and carrying that baggage with you from that point on. My own story is along those lines and along with that one incident that you never get over, life piles on a bunch more crap over the years and it gets to a point where things fall apart. Thanks for that post, that sort of sharing takes courage.
  9. I was listening to some Beatles stuff and one of my favorite songs of theirs is taxman. Anyway, reading wiki on the song to see how high up the charts it got (which was no help at all) I noticed a parody of the song called pac man by weird al. Have a listen to it, it's freaking awesome.
  10. Had a girlfriend once who was home use only, she was fully serviced, but a bit over shopped!
  11. Geez thats great news. After all this time a good result.
  12. knight76

    Nrl 2015

    Happy with the way the knights have started. Hopefully we can build on this start. The more refs you have, the more mistakes you will see. Used to be 1 ref and two touchies, now we have two refs, two touchies, and video refs. Would anybody say there is less mistakes now?
  13. I've been patiently waiting for the commercial release of the rift to see what it is actually like in it's finished state. Apparently the tech is meant to be done, just working on the included controller. That was the last I read on it. Seems to be pushed back, and back, and back. Sony will probably release first.
  14. Didn't realize your first meet was at my joint. Figured you were a regular lol. When I started hosting there was a good mix of members from my local area, Sydney and Newcastle turning up. Just get one started and the members will come :-)
  15. I get where they are coming from, from their point of view only. Target's target demographic is mothers, families with younger kids. Thats what I reckon anyway, and if they alienate that market they are going to feel the pain. It's stupid though that they ban it only now that it is on next gen, I guess the violence against women is more real with more pixels. I've played the game yonks ago and haven't had a single itch to visit a pro for some action. I know a parent that let's their 9 year old play it. He has an older brother (12 or 13yo) who got it, and they just don't bother separating them. In the same social circle of school friends, I know another two that play it. Comes down to parenting, some parents care about what they expose their kids to, others not so much.
  16. Not strictly an Australian sport but coded by an Aussie, Hounded on C64 got plenty of play time. http://www.lemon64.com/?mainurl=http%3A//www.lemon64.com/games/details.php%3FID%3D1231
  17. knight76

    Nrl 2014

    Good to see the rabbits make it and sonny bill miss out, good riddance I say. Hope the rabbits can go one more and take the comp, their fans deserve it.
  18. Anybody played with the Durovis drive or other mobile VR units? I'm tempted to get a durovis dive to tide me over untilthe oculus rift is released, whenver that may be. So for those who have tried it, what is the VR like, any good?
  19. Just use a megadrive pad to play. The pirates annoy the crop out of me travelling in to a system. Especially the pest that keeps triggering your timeshift but you can never catch.
  20. Thanks for the tip Steveoz. I'm downloading Manjaro now, I think I'll kill the zorin install and put Manjaro on. I was looking for an option that is newbie friendly that isn't based on Ubuntu. Edit> Wiped the Zorin partition and put Manjaro on. Install went fine, very similar to the mint install. Grub detected windows and Manjaro but not the mint install. Ran grub update and all is well.
  21. Decided to give linux mint 17 a whirl after spending some time on Karmic Koala a few years back. That one didn't work out due to some bugs stopping it seeing my partitions, and not being able to see my wireless card. I'm impressed, it seeams some good steps forward have been taken over these past few years.My current computer has windows 8 installed on it, and another partition with my files stored. Mint 17 installed without issue, re-sized the partitions and the first boot came to the dual boot screen. Much, much easier than I found Karmic. Stability wise after a week of use I've had no crashes and nothing to be concerned about. I have to say if your looking at giving linux a try and moving from Windows then mint 17 would be the best way to do it. All my hardware was working straight after install, no driver installs needed. I've since in stalled Zorin OS 9 also. Both mint 17 and zorin os9 are based on Ubuntu 14.04 which is a long term support version, meaning they will receive security updates for 5 years.
  22. Not able to cut around the metal casing to expose the bolts? I did the same as above, was able to remove the metal casing and use those existing mounting points. You may have issues fitting the tube and neck board in the cab and still allow the back panel to close also, have you checked that? I completely removed the front monitor facia on mine as well.
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