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  1. Been thinking about getting a virtual pin on and off for a while now. But one thing that was a concern was the space a full size pin was going to take up with not really any room inside for one, and not wanting to put it in the garage I shelved the idea for a while. Pinfest got me thinking pinball again and I found this little gem of a virtual pin. This one is about half size of a full size cab, and already comes built with flipper, sling and pop bumper knockers for sound feedback, and an accelerometer for nudging though I don't think it works too well. Has a DMD built in and a static image back glass. This one is the Marvel variant that comes with 10 tables from Zen pinball. 1080p screen but running at 720p which is not fabulous but is very playable. Where this gets interesting is with modding. You can flash this and load up the other 2 pinball versions, so gain another 10 star wars themed tables, and another 10 Williams tables. Williams tables are: Attack from Mars, Fish Tales, The Getaway, Junk Yard, Medieval Madness, White Water, Red & Ted, Funhouse, Tales of the Arabian Nights and No Good Gofers. On top of these you can add Zen Pinball android APK and load games from there also, such as Jaws, Back To The Future, Skyrim etc. But, you can also load the Farsight Studios The Pinball Arcade android APK and there are a bunch of original pinball tables there to load up as well. I loaded: The Adams Family, Cactus Canyon, Champion Pub, Cirqus Voltair, Earth Shaker, Elvira Party Monsters, Fathom, Harley Davidson, High Speed 2, Judge Dredd, Junk Yard, Monster Bash, Party Zone, Safe Cracker, Scared Stiff, Space Shuttle, Starship Troopers, Star Trek Next Generation, Tee'd Off, T2 Juddgement day, Theatre Of Magic and Twighlight Zone. I've still got room on there to add some more though. For anyone looking at this the mod for these is the A1Pinner 3.9 mod. Version 4 is looking at making storage available from external source like USB etc. Not a bad little pin, and cost me $870 used. Or around $1400 new. Future plans are to gut it at some point, put a PC in there, replace the playfield monitor with a 32" screen, backglass monitor, replace the solenoids, replace the accelerometer, replace the plunger for one that works with PC pin software etc. It's going to see a bunch of use over these next 2 weeks of school holidays thats for sure.
  2. Hey all, just wanted to thank everyone involved in bringing pinfest together again this year. Karen and I really enjoyed ourselves today and seeing some of the great people from the hobby still amongst it. Looked to be a great success again.
  3. Yeah, a long time ago now. I was actually toying with the idea of getting back at it and maybe putting together a 1 life only score. Then I don't know, maybe look at going for the overall score record again. It will take a lot of practive to get back in to shape to make a decent score at it. I haven't played Wardner since I put up that score. I burned myself out on it getting that.
  4. Good to see the TG scoreboard is still going strong. I had a sneak peak at the Wardner scores and I'm still in 2nd place. 🙂 The scores don't appear to have changed for years.
  5. Not sure if posted, and I haven't been there for a few weeks now. But there was a Medieval Madness sited at Astro Lanes Bateau Bay on the Central Coast. Couldn't believe it when I walked in and saw it. In great condition, but multiball isn't working. Set to 3 ball and low score to pop it.
  6. There is also Zaccaria pinball that has a $14.99USD DLC to add virtual reality support. The zac pins are not expensive to get per pin either. And Pinball FX2VR is good also. Really hoping Fx3 gets VR support as they now have the williams license. So far released Medieval Madness, Fish Tales, Junk yard and The Getaway High Speed II. The ACDC table in Stern Pinball Arcade with rift is awesome. @PinSinner - I get how the table pincab controller would be set up, but how does nudging work? Is it via actually nudging the table a bit, or button setup somehow?
  7. Thank you both Alex and Fiona for putting on the meet. Your pins are all in gread condition and play well. Great catching up with Tony again and getting back in to it again after several years away. Also good to meet some new pinheads. Bring on pinfest. Sent from my SM-G920I using Tapatalk
  8. Can I put my name down for this one. I'll PM you my name etc as I doubt I've met you. Tony knows who I am :-).
  9. Happy Birthday Dave. Hope you had a great day. :D
  10. They were looking to ban trolleys from the self serve areas as well. I guess to limit the number of items you can take in at a time. Up our way, you will be lucky to see a checkout person on duty in our local coles. They tend to keep the register open near the smoke section and that attendant runs both in case someone really wants to use the checkout.
  11. Bad dudes Vs Dragon Ninja was a game like Shinobi. Also Wild West Cowboys Of Moo Messa is good fun. of course there is Metal slug, uses the side scrolling, top and bottom levels similar to rolling thunder.
  12. Gotta love outrun, Chase HQ is nice as well.
  13. Wow Tony, touching post. I didn't see it as I was off AA and off everything really battling my own depression. I get what your saying about not getting over something and carrying that baggage with you from that point on. My own story is along those lines and along with that one incident that you never get over, life piles on a bunch more crap over the years and it gets to a point where things fall apart. Thanks for that post, that sort of sharing takes courage.
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