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  1. Hi everyone,just thought I'd share my crazy build project.I bought couple of virtual machines this year to have some fun(thx covid)and it sparked my luv for pinball again.So as I had pinball arcade on ps4 lying around,a book shelf,cupboard draw and some other parts,I though why not build a cab for it with working plunger,tilt-nudge,solenoids and bass shaker.The monitor can rotate and fold into the cab for later Pc version but this is mainly for my ps4 pinball games at the moment.I must say its been a while since I built anything and this worked first go.Hope you find it interesting if not different.I call it Death's Pinball...
  2. Where should I post these pics,prototyping,?don't want them in the wrong forum thats all.
  3. Just joined to share my refound luv of all things pinball,you forget as you get older.I bought a couple of video pinball machines to have fun in these testing times and wham,I want more pinball.So I had some stuff lying round and made a full ps4 pinball arcade machine with working solenoids,bass shaker,working plunger and proper tilt setup,all from the ps4 controller.I can finally play these games on a real table.I hope to post some pics soon if you like.Good gaming to all..
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