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  1. Seriously?? If anything, I'm embarrassed about how much I have spent on pinballs and their accessories. What you're saying is probably more of an American thing.
  2. Good on the guys at AMD for taking a break over Christmas. I'm exited too but an extra week or two won't hurt anyone. It's just a pinball.
  3. Game looks really good in my opinion. I don't mind the music either from what little I have heard. It's just that there's so many other great games coming out or recent releases that I would like. I need to choose very carefully and this one doesn't make the cut for me.
  4. Probably a popular theme for USA/Canada is a big enough market for Stern to still have a hit on it's hands. I wonder what % of overall sales for Stern are USA/Canada markets.
  5. With so many great titles released over the past year, it comes as a relief to me to see Rush is next. No pressure for me to decide which game to sell to make room for one 🙂
  6. It has been 15 years since I last set up mame and it was such a mission for me back then. The set up I had was also not something I was ever really happy with but I was too scared to mess with it because it worked and I didn't want that to change. Yesterday I had the pleasure of meeting namastepat. I had never met Pat before but he kindly reached out and generously helped a fellow AAer. All I need now is a PS/2 to USB adaptor and I will be back playing arcade games again. Pat is such a terrific guy and I am so grateful for his help. I feel very fortunate to be a part of this great small community that we have here.
  7. Wow I started this thread 16 years ago. Good that they are available locally now. My game is long gone however.
  8. Yeah I agree Rob. Nothing fancy but good enough to do the job for the price. Other options are in the thousands.
  9. Amazing.... I make this post today after waiting for 6 months and get home to find it arrived today!
  10. Has anyone received their topper from Pinball Sales yet? I ordered and paid as soon as they were released but nothing for me yet.
  11. That's a rare find and in great condition by the looks of it. I've got a remake ordered because I always wanted to spend some time on this game but there's never any around.
  12. Thanks all very much for the kind wishes :) Wow 15 years Jeff !! Seems like a life time ago!
  13. Thanks very much mate. That is fantastic! PM sent.
  14. Hi Guys, My last mame pc shit itself over a year ago now and I'm really missing my classic arcade games. I am not very tech savvy and really struggled to set it up right the first time many years ago. I just thought I'd see if there's anyone out there that would be happy to sell me a pc set up with mame and ready to go?? I have an Atomiswave cab ready to go, just need to plug in a pc. My old set up had Mamewah (from 15 years ago) as a frontend but maybe there's much better than that now. Anyone out there with a spare mame set-up or could set up a pc for me?? Just let me know how much $$ 🙂 Thanks. Mark.
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