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  1. The small ribbon cable felt quite loose, you can pull it on and off really easy, did that a couple of times and turned the machine on. it has 4.98 volts at the plug going into the board. all the display is working again now, hope this was the fix. Thanks for the quick replys. Regards Clint.
  2. Hi everyone, My DMD on LW3 has started doing something wierd lately. When you turn it on now the info on the bottom of the display is all messed up. Where you normally have player 1, ball 1 and freeplay its all a mess. When you play the game its perfect for everything else in the game. Also noticed today that halfway through a game that player 1 and ball 2 came back but freeplay was missing. Any help would be greatly welcomed as i would like to fix it. Regards Clint.
  3. Your doing a great job on this project. Can't wait to se the finished product! I have the same problem with my power box, so im making a new one out of Aluminium compisite and cutting it out on my cnc. Good luck with the rest of the build.
  4. 😂 already looking
  5. Hi everyone my name is Clint and i recently bought my first pinball machine (Lethal Weapon 3) to put in my games room. Hope to make some new friends on this site and share some knowledge.👍
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