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  1. Would anybody have a use for these.
  2. G'day I'm Ray from Albury. Everyone calls me Razar. I've been a quiet member for many years, I used to spend my time mainly reading & looking at everybody else's projects etc. I haven't been on for a look for a long time sorry, kinda got lost in work & life as you do. I have a general interest in all things gaming, probably more so Arcade, but would love to have a pinball machine too one day. I have cocktail cabinet i made into a mame machine years back, which I never fully finished, but the kids & I did get some fun out of it for a while. So i was cleaning up the shed at my work, which reminded me to get back on to AA again. I have a couple of crt monitors, here of various sizes, they were going to the tip, but if anybody is interested in them for a project then hit me up. I'd rather see them go into a project, than go in the bin. Also, The new website looks great, BTW. anyway thats all for now thanks Razar
  3. G'day, You can Buy the coolant from WES components. http://www.wescomponents.com page 9, of the television section. Can't remember what it's worth to buy. But, there is a good chance that the tube will be stuffed if it glowing very faintly. particularly if it has leaked coolant. Be careful what you undo when fiddling with the tube, as they have been aligned for correct geometry & convergence & can be a real pain to align. holdenuc
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