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  1. Cheers guys.. I'm fairly certain this machine hasn't been modified but who really knows I guess. Thanks!
  2. Hey all, So I've finished an RGB mod on my TV and was super excited to hook up my megadrive and test it out. Unfortunately my unit is 5 pin DIN and I'm struggling to find a pinout let alone info on whether it actually supports an RGB connection. Anyone able to assist? Cheers, Ash
  3. Yeah this is the route I ended up going too based off a Youtube video I found. Thanks a lot. Cheers everyone!
  4. Hey Trev! Yeah mate! Did you get it up and running?
  5. Hey all, Im sure this type of thing has been done to death but I have been finding a variety of methods and options and am honestly lost as to which is the best way to proceed. Essentially I want to RGB mod a Sony KV-XF29M35. This is a 4:3 FD model which has composite and s--video inputs. It uses the BG-3S chassis. Also Teletext/OSD. I want to retain full operation of the set as ill be using it for playback of video too and do need the OSD so ill want a switchable mod. In terms of the RGB purpose, ill be using it for consoles mainly. I am technically capable but don't quite have the electronic knowledge to formulate the best approach. Can someone give me a clear run down of the best way to go about this? I mentioned my confusion and it stems from some people patching in to the teletext module, then ive read of issues around that as lines are shared with OSD etc. Any advice greatly appreciated! Cheers Ash
  6. Hey all, Just a quick "Hi" from me. Im Ash, I live in Armidale NSW and im into all manner of vintage electronics, vintage items in general, gaming, cars etc. Im sure ill be pestering you all with questions before too long. Cheers Ash
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