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  1. Thanks for the reply....... fully understand the caution , am I right in saying that if it is totally mechanical , zero electronics involved, that it is not an issue? Can't remember where I read that. The machine itself has been cleaned and spins nicely, I think the reels have been loosened and therefore don't line up to the plates. I need help in "reading" the plates so that I can line it up again..
  2. Hello all, A few years ago my wife bought an old, manky looking slot machine and I had to reluctantly drag it home... I had a quick tear down and inspect but ended up pushing it the back burners as I knew nothing about it. It didn't turn over and I could see that it was missing some parts but I didn't know what they were. Eventually, I got the mechanism spinning and did some more research ( finding this forum ! ) and I managed to work out / replace missing or damaged parts. ( 99% complete now) Finally it was accepting coins and cycling over.....BUT the problem I have now is that the reels and payout plates don't seem to be matched ....it will spin and pay out some coins but it doesn't correspond with the payout line. I found a manual online here which gives basic instructions but I'm not having any luck. Could someone walk me through a process of timing the reels and plates? Cheers Frank
  3. Frankyboy here, thought I'd join up to try and learn a bit about an old Aristocrat super regal 22 I am working on.... wish me luck !!
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