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  1. Mods if can you please delete this post, I can't read and needed to press both buttons at the same time. Sorry
  2. Hi Aussie Arcade members, I've recently picked myself up an awesome restored Point Blank 1 in an original cabinet. Games and guns work great. However, the machine is stuck on the 'Basic Rules' screen, which has some text about how to play the game. There is no demo gameplay and this screen does not cycle. I am super worried about CRT burn-in as there are no cycling images - and it wasn't the cheapest arcade. I've found a way to change this to a demo gameplay loop but I have to change the machine off free play. However, the service menu button is non-functional leading me to my 2 questions. 1. Is there a way to access the service menu through a button the PCB itself? Or by any other alternate means? - or is there an 'easy' enough fix for someone with basic soldering experience. 2. If there is no way to fix it, how long should I leave the screen on before I need to start to worry about burn in and have to turn it off for a bit? Any help / advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Soda
  3. Oh my happiness yes! @Ballypinball are you taking preorders or names down for MMrs?
  4. Gah! What I'd give for such a machine 😔 Such a beauty! Good luck with the sale!
  5. Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone. Just a matter of space for that Skeeball, ha!
  6. In any condition. PM me if you have one you'd like to free up for a monetary amount! Happy to use Bill for transport. Cheers, Soda
  7. Hi everyone, My name's Victor, going by Soda online. I'm mainly into pinball, but do enjoy all things arcade. I've started purchasing little things for my arcade space, but there's always more I want! Still need a gumball machine, UV lighting, classic Daytona and a Skeeball and she'll be set. Thought I would join to talk to others passionate about the hobby, and engage with potential sales and trades in the future. Cheers, Soda
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