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  1. I just reworked the code of the roms to get it running on CPS1 pcbs with the CPS-B-17 PPU ic. so here is the link. you will need 4 27c1001 (=27C010) 120ns Eproms for this. Depending on your B-Board. place it like this at (orange box) Have fun ! CPS1_diagROM-CPS-B-17-V2.zip https://filer.net/get/hh2t3a3qtpznnjwg CPS1_diagROM-CPS-B-17-V2.zip]Filer.net
  2. Thank you fans ! I found CALs great CPS1 Dignose ROM CPS-B-21 and was thinking how can I use this on a different PCB.with an CPS-B-17 PPU chip... I just want to give something to all of you and put my CPS1 Arcade Testrom online for using to troubleshoot CPS1 - B - 17 PCBs. I just fixing such a pcb right now... with little progress ;-) Download CPS1-B-17-Diag ROM https://filer.net/get/hh2t3a3qtpznnjwg Marco
  3. Hello Community, I´m in the arcade hobby since a few years now and currently I try to fix a broken CPS1 pcb.Usually I collect some old 8bit Arcade games but now I will increase my learning curve ;-) I´m from Austria (SKI Country) and hope I will get some nice tips and tricks from you. Cheers Marco
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