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  1. there is one for sale on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1497239890571190/?multi_permalinks=2735883956706771%2C2735879910040509%2C2735233136771853%2C2735227940105706%2C2735223113439522&notif_id=1639102162072290&notif_t=group_activity&ref=notif ) seems well priced at $7k In WA though
  2. Over double the price for a Premium EHOH For the additional $15k you get a signature, a playing card, a shooter rod and a powder coat. If I had the money, I'd rather buy 2 premiums. No doubt they have already sold out the small Aussie allotment.
  3. I went to the first (Friday) session and had a great time. Over 100 pins, a tournament and lots of familiar faces. A highlight for me (as someone who hadn’t been to an event like this before) was playing so many games that I had heard people talk of but had never played before. I’ll be going next year! Local news coverage: https://fb.watch/8fsVFJlWD3/ Apologies for the link being in FB, I wasn’t able to find it external to facebook.
  4. A good mate of mine has 2 fully paid tickets for the AFL Grand Final in a private box at Optus Stadium with all food and refreshments included. Unfortunately it’s just his luck, he didn't realise when he bought them that it is on the same day as his wedding, so he can't go. If you're interested and want to go instead of him, it is at 2pm at St Joseph's Catholic Church, Subiaco and her name is Julie. 👍
  5. There is a program called Pinball Browser developed many years ago by someone from the pinside community. That program would allow you to add/change songs, but you would likely have to do it yourself, and you can't put a copy of a mod file that you find online for a Pro version in a Premium or vault etc...
  6. I'm sending quite a few to Victoria to @Budgie, he'll fire them out locally to those that want one. Also sending a couple to QLD Doing a post office run in about an hour...
  7. I built a Voron 😄 (coreXY). It prints at a steady 120mm /sec and very fast accelerations 300mm x 300mm It's fully enclosed, so can print with all types of filaments
  8. this be 21 😉 Maybe all that activity stream setup I did will work now too
  9. thanks... I best go and donate some money and become one of the special group 🙂
  10. I just printed one in ABS... took 12 minutes. I can print a dozen or so and just pop them in an express post bag to you you. You could then just pass them around to whoever needs them. (anyone from Perth can get one off me directly)
  11. Thanks for that. I don't always use a VPN but must have been at the time that the forum polled my IP. I'm not now and it thinks I'm still USA. The "country" tab in account settings is just a toggle for flags, not a manual country setting.
  12. how do I change my location to Australia? It thinks I'm from the uSA...
  13. I’m sure someone locally can help you out, but if not…I’ll print it and send it to you from WA 👍
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