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    Only one machine atm but I bet I end up with four I don't know the name of the cabinet it has wood veneer, not the stick on vinyl and has had street fighter 2 champion edition in it for 20 years

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  1. Thanks autosteve I'm still thinking of keeping the piano hinge to easily open it with all wires attached but can you show a pic of the one you were explaining in your last post for me to see if I understand your explanation. I've looked at a site about button location like you were saying and I might have enough room to try them curved but I can't move the joystick locations as I choose them for hand room for the left side to keep away from the cabinet and to grip the side wood like I did with cabinets when I was young and the right side for when there's two players so as not to bump into the left player, I'm going to make this cabinet a sort of Double Dragon style machine with the marque and CP vinyl sticker to match that's why I choose red and blue player controls but I'll keep the woodie cabinet sides bare for an old cabinet look
  2. Damn it autosteve now I'm going to have to make two more CP's one out of ply and one from mdf actually if your right about the button layout that's four frigging CP's to build, a set with straight buttons and a set with curved buttons just in case I like curved, sorry if I had you going there I'm not mad at you just mad at all the great options which I can't just not try especially with all the time I have. Also thanks about the ply idea when cutting I'll be using your advice. The CP is hinged with an undersized piano hinge with a Frankenstein of a mess bracket system that's working temporarily until I find a good bracket that can bolt to a full width hinge without the head of the screw pushing on the cabinet, I'll need to counter sink the bracket, here let me show a pic with pop rivets holding it together
  3. Ah 19mm to thick, check, I'll use 16mm like the rest of the cabinet it's just what I had in pine at the time, from what I've read ply wood cuts with jaggered edges but it bonds screws better than mdf. Autosteve just because you asked here's a pic but excuse the metal brackets at the front I'm using them to figure out what angle the CP, I mean the control panel, should be at its not the final one after all.
  4. I've made my prototype CP from pine and got the angles right and button and joystick locations done but now I'm up to deciding what to make the final material from, chip board, particle board, hard wood or something else as long as it doesn't warp and is 19mm thick and I'm not concerned on the material finish because when it's built it'll have a custome vinyl sticker Earlier I made a post asking about curf cutting a CP to have a bend but now I went with just a bevelled cut at an angle greater than 90 degrees so I'm essentially slapping two boards together with glue and fasteners and making a slight curve along the edge to rid away the sharp edge I hope this extra info on the two boards helps for replying
  5. Thanks for the AC concern I'll be very careful I hate getting electrocuted with AC luckily I've only been jolted 3 times I'm thankful it wasn't 3 fase or I might not be here, if anyone is looking for terminal blocks I found one for AC but they are only selling them in packs of 5 for about $37 https://au.rs-online.com/web/p/standard-terminal-blocks/0465637/ Hey wiredoug I was thinking that bolt and nut wouldn't come loose so I was just looking for those but screwdown is now what ide use I don't see them loosening either
  6. I'm looking for 3 AC distribution blocks like in the picture below with a screw down cap to cover live wires and earth for a stepdown transformer and power supply but I'm guessing at 10amp for my CPS1 street fighter 2 CE and CRT monitor, I don't know how many amps the machine draws so maybe 15amps correct me on which amperage I should use, I'm just looking for 3 way bolt and nut types I don't like screw down ones, thanks if you know where I can't find them
  7. OK thanks everyone Rich its not a Bally it's a Plessey or Foster both names are printed on the back I've looked in the online manual for CPS1 Street fighter 2 champion edition but it doesn't say anything about speaker requirements so I'll stick with 8 ohm, later I would like to add a trim pot to adjust the volume straight from the speaker wire to the outside of the cabinet for easy access even though there is one on the pcb should I use an amp in some way for this
  8. I have to replace an 8 ohm 3 watt speaker its 120mm x 120mm and screws into the wood in a way that has a hole for the speaker to sit over and to the side of the hole is three lines cut all the way through for the sound to go through, I guess it's done this way to enhance the bass I'm looking for 120mm to match the hole but the ones I've seen are 100mm and 5 watt is it OK to use 5 watt over 3 watt and how do I find one that's good quality as the ones Ives seen have a silver cone in the centre but my ripped old speaker doesn't have the silver round cone in the centre also is 4 ohm good to use or do they have to be 8 ohm it's from Street Fighter 2 CE but later will have some sort of Pandora box
  9. My veneer wood look cabinet had its first clean and I tried some boss gloss from my car on one side and kitten interior protector on the other I don't know which went on what side now but at first it looked good and now one side looks like a big section has off coloured somewhat so I'm going to use hot soapy water to hopefully remove the layer of silicone or chemical, I thought of buying Mr sheen as its for furniture. What do you like to use?
  10. Do you know if the colour of happ buttons match eurostick joystick colours or do I have to buy eurostick buttons to go with my red and blue joysticks
  11. I did lots of looking at reviews and so chose them as they don't have long arms on the switches like happ do that it made sense not to get any with long arms that bend from use and people said eurosticks had better 8 way corner response because the gap to the micro switch is less than others, they are my first joysticks I'm buying I wanted something to last and good build quality, nylon vs plastic eurosticks are nylon and have longer sticks that will suit my cabinet control panel.
  12. Thanks all that's good food for thought I live rurally and we have a men's shed where we get together once a week for wood working and I'm sure I can ask for help in kerf cutting on a table saw I'm surprised a single block of hard wood cut away wouldn't be as strong I was going to go for 16mm thick but I think kerf cutting and glue will be easier. Once I have it finished its just a matter of finding something close to the old veneer which if anyone knows a good place please let me know or I might order a custom vinyl sticker.
  13. It's alright now Slayer I got two ordered from the UK. It's annoying there are none to find in Australia
  14. I'm going to make a custom control panel out of hardwood that I'll stain to match the wood veneer cabinet and to see the wood grain, its almost going to be one piece except where the piano hinge will be I need to try some shapes to decide how I want it so im thinking of making the first out of foam, what kind do you use? I made what I'm aiming for in Blender 3d and I've got an inkling of an idea how to shape the wood by using a long round sanding cylinder. Here's my CP idea in blue its not to exact measurements I'm working of reference pictures from my camera.
  15. I need to extend the length of my fly back transformer wires by about 150mm and have one end coming from the fly back and the other end soldered to the neck board and connect them together in the middle with a plug so I can remove the chassis without removing the neck board from the CRT tube as they were just soldered in the neck board, the 1st wire is: White, AWM 3239 105c 20KVDC VW-1 AWG22 (with 3mm insulation) and the closest I found is 40KVDC from here: https://au.rs-online.com/web/p/hookup-equipment-wire/7417862/ would it be Ok to mix these two together? I also need a second wire sourced as: Red, E35688 AWM 1032 90c 1000VAC 1200VDC VW-1 22AWG (with 2mm insulation), I have looked on mouser and RS-online but I cant find anything close for the red wire can someone please have a search for me, and lastly I need a good quality plug to use with these two wires that's rated for the above something that doesn't come apart easily
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