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  1. Welcome Ash. Looking forward to seeing your project
  2. Thanks for the reply! It definitely looks similar to a lot of those LAI cabs, but I haven't been able to find an exact match with the flat foot rests.
  3. Hi Guys, Does anyone know who manufactured this generic cabinet? I bought it as an empty shell from an arcade back in 2000. It was converted to a MAME machine; but I'd love to know more about its origins. Cheers
  4. Thanks for the advice guys! I think I'll give sandblasting a try and follow it up with some engine enamel. I'll post some pics when I'm done.
  5. Hi Guys, I'm thinking about getting some metal components of my SI2 cab sandblasted and powder coated rather than spraying them myself (Marquee and control panel brackets etc.) Does anyone know of any decent a reasonably priced places in Sydney? Cheers.
  6. Hi Boots, Kev is selling yellow MCA's for $3 ea. over at http://www.kfe.com.au/used parts/USED PARTS.htm mca yellow.jfif
  7. Hi John, thanks for the response! It's odd that they'd have an angle, but not use a Z bracket. I checked out your collection, it's very cool! The bones of the cab I have looks exactly the same as your Taito videoframe upright! Cheers, John
  8. Hi guys, Does anyone know if the Taito Space Invaders Part II CL cabinet has a completely flat combined Bezel / Control panel? Or is there a slight angle between the control panel and bezel? The supports on the cabinet I’m restoring looks like there might be a slight bend; but it’s hard to tell from other photo’s I’ve seen out there. (not my cab) Cheers,
  9. Yep, that was the one! It hurt a little, but I have been in love with the red space invaders cabs for a long time.
  10. That looks great! I'm actually not sure which 2-way the SI2 used. I assumed it was the same as the joust 2-way (pic below); but I'm sure I could make that work.
  11. I'm in Sydney and definitely happy to pick-up in person! How much did you want for the cash box door?
  12. Hi All, I'm hoping someone out there can help with any of the following parts for a Space Invaders Part II cabinet: Lower cash box door (243 mm x 145 mm) Black T moulding with the double orange stripe The marquee for a 'Part II colour' style cabinet Taito 2-way joystick Fingers crossed! Cheers,
  13. Hi All, I’ve been a fan of this forum for a while, but I finally have something to talk about. I recently picked up a Taito Space Invaders Part II cabinet (with a lot of missing parts). I’m looking forward to sharing my progress!
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