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  1. Oldhank gets a big hug too, just because...Smooch!
  2. https://www.factoryfive.com/ Well if you have a need to be entertained, This is what I was talking about earlier...I actually used to work in the glass shop back in the 80s at Classic Roadsters (Ltd) doing cobra bodies and even built a few out of the paint department, (Which explains a few if my skills if your watching my arcade build) In comparison this one as a base 20k and fitted with the 427, still comparable to an EV, and dangerously wicked fast for such a small car, secretly however, you will probably have a minimum of 50k (and up) in it after built..They have other cars but notice there is already a 2 year wait on that GTM.
  3. In thinking about that, I don't believe you were involved with that witch hunt, And if I came off a bit defensive earlier...I do apologize.
  4. Ya, I am blocked from seeing what your looking at, but I can imagine what it is...I was actually talking about the rising cost of plywood when that started, and had a few minutes to dump posts after the initial comment...Just between us, I wasn't lying about anything, I just never felt the need to "prove" anything to him with pics just because he chased me around the internet demanding I do...Curiously If that is the "Red Baron" I am actually building it here...with pics even, and she is quite pretty so far...LOL.
  5. Going forward this will start to go faster, and faster, But at this point the machine just kind of starts to builds itself now all the math is correct, and we have the physical hard copy...The marquee art is giving me a problem and we shall go into that in more detail... Oh before we go there, I forgot the side art plane pic, that wasn't easy to do even though it looks simple, it is actually a two dimensional representation of a 3 dimensional image...Just saying... But we may not use all of it, still deciding, beings it is a vector we can make it any size we want and may zoom in on just part of it as big.
  6. Oh and we can't forget about welding the wing struts, We have more of this to do and probably should cover that a little deeper But anyway thats me JENNIFER!...That was a fun day, my girlfriend totally ran away after taking the pic screaming how she went blind, and tripped over a bucket, I still got to laugh.
  7. Going forward we are not going to talk about what happened here, Unfortunate circumstance and I will make it good...Luckily this is not a "What" show off thread, but for those just joining us here is a few pics of where we left off... And a couple more...Most of us are sick to death of this anyway as it was a long horrible ride to this point... Oh and the mold project...The rest of the pics are missing so we may revisit some of the process on the rest of the machine going forward... Any questions, feel free to just ask...
  8. Well then busy guy King Travis that makes you Jennifers newest bestest friend, and we will go back live on that machine as soon as I get the shop cleaned up some (and some thought as to how, as it is pretty messed up now, Sorry about that)...In the meantime, I am totally staying out of random off topic threads, they make me even more crazy than usual aparently.
  9. Danny...I dont blame you personally, It is not your fault we have been lied too, And I do not expect you to have the answers, At best I see you as only trying to believe you are doing the right thing, Take a close look at those Tesla owners next time you are out, They don't look happy, They look tired and worried Driving around in their tiny fart box of a car, And because they know they were sold a pipedream...As for the future of cars I believe ICE will win out in the time frame you have established, not like you would think however, Or because the big 3 will be producing them, But because crate motors (the Hellcat, and the LS6 inparticular) in a composite kit body (Factory 5 makes reasonable kits if interested) is far more economical and circumvents Most regulations on the subject and most likely the foreseeable future of automobiles...Mod team...Those arcade related build threads you keep referring to seem to be in the somewhat lacking department as far as innovation goes anyway, aparently I was the only one doing it, The Facebook style emoj thing is probably one of the main reasons for the aparent lack of interest, doesn't really spark ideas, promote constructive conversation, or even allow for much room for opinions, (IMHO)...Please just delete BOTH my accounts.(*Evil laugh, that was just for you Arcade King,...LOL), Jenn has machines to build, See ya later boys.
  10. Look at me even pointing out how the price of gasoline is actually coming down now, It is actually about half of what it was now at the pump, since Donald J. Trump said he was going to run again in 2024. Check it out for yourselves since we are going to aparently just talk about Danny's bet for the next nine years, and don't have anything better to do.
  11. Well to be civil about it he did link me to a site I can't visit...Twice.
  12. "Poking bears" *Jennifer laughs and sings too...Kumbaya
  13. I get this, It is a off topic...But a 10 year long thread to hear about some stupid bet? Multiple times a day non-the-less? Come on man even you got to just cringe at the prospect...But here in the real world, some of us are actually interested in other people's arcade related projects and project ideas.
  14. 😳...And Chinese conspiracies are your term pal, don't see you even understanding what I am saying much less proving it to the contrary...And the "crying kid" is cause and effect of your about to be a quite serious homless problem, Directly related to your war on coal and fossil fuels..PEOPLE CANNOT AFFORD IT...Especially young strugging families in a depressed economy, It comes down to food or heat.
  15. I cant read your links you miserable head case, After you guys called me a "racist" over there I was also banned from even reading the site on an IP level...But again you miss the point, you hang out on multiple arcade forms NOT talking about Arcade machines...but rather cars and politics in a ten year troll thread (only nine to go)...Get a life.
  16. What are you even doing on an arcade site blabbering about your Left wing half truth anyway?...Do you even build arcade machines?...I do and it is a far from green hobby dude, my blast furnace and thinner still alone cancels out anything you have even said about carbon and Co2in the last 20 pages...I bet you don't build anything at all.
  17. That actually sounds Interesting and fun, I would be curious, to see it when you start putting it together.
  18. That is so NOT funny Steve...Not to mention I got the big Hooroo"ed out of that deal.
  19. You will probably get liver failure from Lithium poison in your drinking water after 6 years...I am betting.
  20. I don't usually promote vendors but these guys are awesome,...Sale is Live...Go, Go, Go! https://www.cometpinball.com/ It only happens once a year...Just saying.
  21. I couldn't agree more...Let's start with you Oldhank, Post up a pic of what are you and your cats working on, perhaps we can help.
  22. Hee, Hee, My face actually hurts from laughing at this...Suppose you could bring a big diesel generator along so you all can charge up during the big tailgate party too...HA, HA, HA.
  23. *Jennifer laughs...An EV retreat, OMG that's just too funny (Giggle, Giggle, Snort)...Going to bunk up together too?...Thats just too funny...Still laughing. 😁
  24. As for computer chips I already own a lifetime supply ...Dont worry about me, I am good.
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