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  1. That's not even true...Do your research pal.
  2. Jennifer laughs, "No facts" Sound like anyone you know Dan?, ...It must be just another conspiracy 😏.
  3. That is an interesting point electronics math is already in metric units, and should make this somewhat easier if I just follow your list...Thanks for that, it would seem I am just stupid or something on the subject, but in reality it is quite difficult to just change how you measure something, and is probably going to take time to actively use both in practice...Once a month I buy some new fancy tool for the shop, and trying to incorporate some metric, but like Needlebat said earlier you wind up with multiple sets of tools in both capacities. This month I got a new Starrett wiggler center finder, (surprisingly quite reasonable) been wanting on of these sets for years just one of those things you think you don't need until you do...Here is a fun vid on the subject if you guys want to follow along, But thinking it will help considerably in precision hole placement like we are doing on this project, I probably won't review it or anything, just a fun update on shop tooling...So excited, I do love quality precision tools.
  4. In fact here is an article on the subject you can ignore Dan...Conspiracy in all its glory while you actively rally to outsource what's left of jobs. And of course we don't want to forget Hanks cats with some ridiculous dog they can laugh at...Lol.
  5. And still Danny pretends he doesn't notice, Up 22%...And while those statistics are shocking, I personally find clear cutting forests for wind farms not only counter productive since trees actually consume CO2, But destroying habibit for wildlife in the process appalling...Ya Dan hope you win this bet soon don't see much sustainability going on here.
  6. This never gets old...Just laughing at Danny's ridiculous bet now.
  7. Well no probably not, designing a machine completely in metric is not really my goal here, although I have seen some mame cabs done that way...I am more about trying to be able to discuss build techniques across both platforms without shoving Imperial down anyone's throat...Say you do a build of a control panel in mm, I can't learn from that without recalculation or even a very basic understanding of size, and consequently the other way around If I build something in inches it doesn't fit your designs or ideas, Basically I don't believe one is better than the other, they are just different, and a good builder would know and use both...Going forward I have been practicing in less critical measures as conversions, (Yes I can't get away from that) and have been getting pretty close, not perfect mind you, but close enough for a comparative understanding on less than critical. I had to look up a "furlong" that's not something I have ever even heard of, Forget commonly used here, Although aparently it is a term of distance used in horse racing.
  8. It's not easy to learn and use both, I will give it that, I really thought it would be easier given most everyone usually says metric is easy...The lowest common denomination is something they generally would teach you in school just so you know how it is done, but in practice it is rarely ever used, normally it is dependent on the amount of accuracy you are after that would determine the fraction of measure you would use...That is to say rather than add multiples together like in the metric system (2300mm example) it would just be broken down to the nearest foot,inch, and consequently the fraction as 7' 6.5"...My biggest problem at the moment is all my equipment is built with a total disregard to the metric system... everything...The drill press, table saw, jointer all in imperial and leaves me trying to do conversions in my head...On less than critical I am getting closer but again it is not convenient as it doesn't break down to a 1/1 and then the fractions do come into play...An example of this would be 1/4" is almost 6mm, really close, but not.
  9. I would assume the grease in the transfer assembly is dry and stuck...
  10. That is actually extremely tricky to do, You can't saturate the wood or it will warp as it dries, (or delaminate) but need to neutralize it so the new art doesn't lift...There is a fine line of what is acceptable, The secret is chicken lights (incubator uv) it cooks out the chemicals from the inside out, It was already dry when I took that pic...We will get back on R/B when I get caught up a little.
  11. This is off topic and won't be updated, but for you guys that missed the other insanity across Jenns bench...Something you dont see everyday, A Galaxy playfield getting an art reduction and restoration .. . VOILA, presto, chango... Seriously not recommended unless you are half crazy, But it did turn out nice.
  12. That turned out nice from the pics, And that list is the basis of success, "Resin on the edges" inparticular it took me decades to figger that one out but yes it soaks into the grain and creates a very stable base (technically Jennifer uses penitrating epoxies as it doesn't contain wax, and is more compatible with topcoats), but it actually also helps with delamination with age...Decals are a scary prospect for most new players, but the wet method is far more forgiving, Dont use that cheap "secret" formula recipes you find when googling it however get the real deal RapidTac, and work fast because you only get a short window, but it actually softens the vinyl and allows for stretching out wrinkles...Again nice work guy.
  13. Whoa slow down guys, You got to think of it from my side, you try just going Imperial like it is no big deal...The video helps but is incredibly confusing, Trying to do conversions is my downfall I can now see that, But as a designer that works calculations out of her head that creates a perfect storm of insanity, trying to subtract thousand place MM figures on the in your head is an ugly prospect...I did manage to get liquid measure down in terms of small quantities (ML)such as resins and paint but just stall out at the liter The foot is kinda like the same thing, except it is based on 12 inches, (10+2) and 13 as a bakers dozen (a little extra)...I will get this it will take some time however and certainly not easy but in the end I honestly believe it will give me a more universal understanding of design, Just please don't think I am here to shame the metric system, as one is better than the other.
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