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  1. That actually sounds Interesting and fun, I would be curious, to see it when you start putting it together.
  2. That is so NOT funny Steve...There are alot of trolls watching and lurking that thread thinking exactly the same thing, waiting to "prove" something, lies maybe? Internet police?, I just dont know, (They even went so far on that other site to call me a "Racist" just as an excuse to ban me) But never would have expected that from a Mod team...I did snap, and even tried to apologize, But after the fact this was "Jenn Live", the pics are gone forever, and I can't fix that as I dont keep them, or even take them at all unless It was to share...I will say it does break my heart when I do work on that machine now, Sometimes I have to even walk away from it late in the nights, sad and depressed as I always considered it ours collectively as ideas, not just mine...But it is and will be built regardless, And yes Arcade King it took me alot of editing to say this, Sorry.
  3. You will probably get liver failure from Lithium poison in your drinking water after 6 years...I am betting.
  4. I don't usually promote vendors but these guys are awesome,...Sale is Live...Go, Go, Go! https://www.cometpinball.com/ It only happens once a year...Just saying.
  5. I couldn't agree more...Let's start with you Oldhank, Post up a pic of what are you and your cats working on, perhaps we can help.
  6. Hee, Hee, My face actually hurts from laughing at this...Suppose you could bring a big diesel generator along so you all can charge up during the big tailgate party too...HA, HA, HA.
  7. *Jennifer laughs...An EV retreat, OMG that's just too funny (Giggle, Giggle, Snort)...Going to bunk up together too?...Thats just too funny...Still laughing. 😁
  8. As for computer chips I already own a lifetime supply ...Dont worry about me, I am good.
  9. I don't blame any country for wanting cheap energy, most of us do, and I do shop globally, INCLUDING CHINA...But if you want to talk hypocrisy, go look in the mirror Danny, Because I am not the one talking the doom and gloom end of civilization or the evils of fossil fuels, then look to those countries for a bargain.
  10. That is your go to? Who made my phone, and how can I pay more for it by demonizing oil?...You are an idiot.
  11. I am not boycotting anything, Just dont care where computer chips are made, What I am saying however take some damn pride in your country, if not for yourself for your family and friends...Make Australia great again.
  12. Consumer electronics who cares, most of what I do is offline...But tools for example, I prefer the lifetime warranty of Quality products...In fact I just bought a new air compressor, It is AWESOME, and notice it doesn't say, "Made in china"
  13. Well of course it does, as also does cheap labor, But if you need a point how is your electric bill looking? You seem to be OK demonizing oil, and paying the cost consequences in everything else you buy, Just the shoes on your feet alone for example are up 18% directly related to high energy, But that's OK I guess, because again this is only about your "bet" not reality-based solutions, While those selling you the products are investing fossil fuels...As for China quality, Ya, not really my go to.
  14. Oh come on...You really can't figger out the reason why? Let me talk really slow so you can understand...Cheeeeep energyyyyy.
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