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  1. Although I will say, the candy is formulated in base 10...And won't be changing that as the research is already done on that in conversions and will be coming from the EU.
  2. I am actually a little confused, A couple hundred dollars on pin parts seems like a slow day in the life of restoration of a pin, and to compound the roughly 30% off on shipping offered, seems all good, Marco rocks, awesome parts and selection and aparently even customer feedback on shipping issues, So again really don't understand the problem, just saying...Just buy more stuff and get your money's worth on shipping? And wouldn't the problem in that light also include everything else like orange juice, glass, wire, hand drills?
  3. Jenn "could" I spose anyway and fun to think what is possible but that is not what this is about...The Main focus at this point is the 9 panels for the Lumilor paint, and even that has frightening little support on a arcade machine or even build groups as I have been banned from some as "Crazy" or "Insane" even a "Racist" (still don't even understand that one), I have to basically been left do this on my own dime as far as research and testing goes...It is grey (the color of primer) when off, and since this is actually to be the sideart, that is unacceptable and that is the reason it needs to be topcoated with that candy, Well candy is translucent so the grey becomes the base not just spraying color but reflecting color over light...Anyway I am still on this boys, just going slow and this is not a cheap hobby just saying.
  4. After some research, Seems I could almost build a real plane for the money...The tri Folker was a wooden construction (Spruce) with a 24' wingspan (top wing), then 23', And 22' respectively, With a 80hp LA Rhone engine, (made in France)...They actually make kits for the build taking anywhere from 1 to 8 years to build (so they say)...For the same money as this build, aparently Jennifer could literally "kiss" the sky.
  5. That is quite impressive, guess that Z/dee was the real deal, (Always did like him), curious did it come with those fancy RGB cables too, or are those yours?... Kind of a shame they ran this Princess off like they did however, I could have seen myself totally buying a box of those boards. *(Sad face, and kicking rocks)...Anyway, as for that one it does look good, and have to say I am actually quite surprised that tube even fits the cabinet, that has to be some wicked close tolerances and measurements, If memory serves, last time I saw that thing it was hanging from the ceiling on chains and remember thinking "No frigging way is that ever going to fit, Not without some steel substructure anyway"...But aparently it will and Jennifer was just wrong...Nice work man.
  6. Curiously I just bought some casters and it was kind of a horrible experience, There are many different kinds, and if you get them online they range from 3.99 apiece to 250.00/set Seriously?...On a machine like this I would say fixed on back, and pinball levelers on the front would be the best combination (Historically speaking that is common building techniques the industry used)...Love the writeup Ond, CAD design is not something Jenn uses but you make it look fun and easy.
  7. As a curious side note however...I have cut up more than my share in my lifetime, mostly as conversions back in the day since it was all about the money and some games really sucked and diddnt pay very well, or dealing with vandalism out in the wild, these things were not coddled by blowhard know it all internet collectors in basements back in the golden age (just saying) It was more about fast money than saving games or restorations...This project will however incorporate a monitor bezel from a Hydro Thunder, a 27" non the less, and will have to be cut up and refit to a 25" tube, as a plug for the mold, but is probably the only parts victim planned on this whole machine.
  8. Chopping up machines used to be a Mame taboo, and it was all restore, restore, restore...Here 40+ years later, I have to be of the opinion sometimes it has to be done, The parts are obsolete and few people would even know what it is they were looking at anyway, except for a few hardcore collectors who probibally need the parts anyway and 1 machine could save many in that respect...But yes, that one won't be damaged on this project, That I can promise.
  9. Do you need a welder to build an arcade machine? Jennifer says Yes, if you are serious about it... Why Yes you do, (LOL)
  10. Building machines to build machines is a part of the hobby few people ever talk about but it is a big deal since it not only determines the level of quality of your next machine but also speaks volumes about ones dedication to building arcade machines as a lifestyle choice, This build as stated earlier is the press...I have finally got to the bottom of the physics and this thing will not disappoint, The whole top end is to be upgraded with bigger steel, 2" stainless ram (replacing the originally 1.30 steel ram, which was slightly crooked anyway), the air/hydraulic jack, a winch system to raise/lower table, a foot pedal, caster plates for wheels (to move around shop) and from Swag off road, new press plates and a turn knob for the bottle jack...the whole thing is for just one specific purpose, Punching square holes. All the parts are finally ordered, (foot pedal on backorder) and we will nail this thing soon...As for the Red Baron, I have found enough parts down in storage to NOT have to cut up that Parts machine shown at the beginning of this thread for this build (including a complete board set and some NOS flightstick parts) We will be a little more about fabricating by design going forward.
  11. I am actually going to be sad when it is done...That machine is absolutely gorgeous.
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