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  1. Well I wouldn't go so far to say "World's standard", But I do find it really fascinating that a .20 coin is actually a thing, Back in the day our quarter was referred to as "two bits" which technically is two dimes (.20) and always wondered where that term came from...Anyway thanks for the explanation guys, love the machine that thing is cool.
  2. I have restored tons of machines, But have never seen a .20 coin door...What the heck am I actually looking at?
  3. That is just to pretty for words, I can't imagine those garbage diggers can even begin to appreciate the beauty of such a build...Cnc is not the only game in town, don't let it get to you man, hand crafted goodness is a lost art.
  4. As nasty as that looks at the moment, Open pit mining is actually the safest form...You don't have the tailing piles that create acid runoff polluting ground water and for the short term is easily controlled...Ironically, batteries on the other hand are actually filled with sulfuric acid electrolytes (on purpose), and lead which is also generally mined in pits like that.
  5. Omg, I know right?...Someting like that in your head and it has to get out as reality or it just makes you crazy...Trust, I know.😬
  6. You seem to have got pretty good with that paint gun, and aparently hit on the recipe of paint/thinner/pressure, Thats what it is all about after all, a job well done and acquired skills.
  7. I know you just said "watch"...But I can't help stop thinking of that button, Paint on that could be a tricky prospect with wear and tolerances....If that was me, I think I would try a fuel dye and MEK, or a pvc pipe cleaner solvent if you can't get that where you live...Just saying.🙄
  8. Ahhh, That is clever, The brass pins are obviously a design change over magnetic but seem more to the point like a juke selector...Nice job man, truly innovative.
  9. The button behind his head seems wrong (observation) Pac man eats dots, not ignore them...Lol.
  10. This is what Jenn is talking about if you guys want to look into them...Yes this could have been cheaper by weaving 1 line through all 6 wings, (3 on each side) but I would not have got the individual flash patterns, Anyway they are made of glass not plastic for optical clarity, so encapsulating them into a solvent based panel they will be less prone to crazing and premature failure...Obviously 6 doesn't hit that 1.7k mark, but the usb hubs are actually commercial grade airplane stuff, and ya, the pain is real.
  11. The 6 usb programmable fiber optic lazers showed up, we will do a full review on these when I get some time, with 3 different programmable flash modes these will be used on top of the Lumilor for the leading edges of the wings not only to separate the plane from the sun, but to also give the illusion of it flying away from the viewer, into the sun as sideart created of light on a flat panel.
  12. I am actually confused...Besides this thread being all as old as it is, That casting has all the earmarks of plastic not rubber.
  13. Just for clarification...I dont want you guys thinking Jennifer rode a skateboard across America, I drove to each state, and then practiced in some random location...Got to say though, I did learn to ride it, and you just haven't lived life unless you skated San Francisco...OMG.
  14. Well, to be fair, the title says "Covid won't break us" and I don't believe it should...When this thing started I went on a learn to skateboard tour of America, ride it in every state so I thought, Just to do it...Well I only hit 43 of the states, and probibally would have did all 50 if I diddnt fall in a parking lot and break a tooth, and most likely my hip, It finally healed, but still hurts sometimes...Point is to the hell with covid, live your lives.
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