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  1. Thanks for the reply. I do have the PDF, but with the quality of the scan and the odd schematics it wouldn't really print very well. And it would be cool to have a real one.
  2. Hello, seeking out an original The Who's Tommy pinball manual.
  3. Just the1 game for now. What is RTBB? Would it be fair to presume that most pinballs take a standard size ball unless it's for a special feature? ie https://www.pinballspareparts.com.au/balls/20-6500.html Specifically for a Tommy.
  4. Any particular recommendations on replacement ball suppliers in Australia?
  5. I don't have an extra/blank/new chip currently.
  6. Does anyone in Australia burn and sell ROMs? I'm interested in getting the unofficial software update for my Tommy machine, but the only sellers I've found so far are in the US. Here's a link to the update I'm referring to. https://www.pinballcode.com/tommy5
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