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  1. That is perfect, I will clean and check the PCB today. Thank you
  2. Dare I say it and I tried searching like crazy, but only found old threads with links that do not work. Is there a LAI 22pin to JAMMA adaptor still available out there or someone with a LAI wiring diagram so I can solder my own?
  3. LAI Ms Pacman Cocktail Tidy Up - Aussie Arcade
  4. Purchased this recently and want to get straight into a tidy up of the machine. All works and playable but sure is stinky and would say based on the smell, many a good um "gaming" session has been had at this machine. Looking to rob parts from my other machine for now and get the 60 in one on there for a while. Screen has a bit of distortion across the full length of one side and it would be nice to see if that is PCB related or something else. It is also not jamma, I am not too keen to rewire the cab so I need to work out rhw pin orientation and create an adapter. Looking forward to a good weekend
  5. Brought another one. Will spend time this weekend cleaning it up while not straying too far from the LAI original components. Non jamma though, but I will start a new thread with trying to install the 60 in one I have in the other machine to this one. This one should be a more comfortable height for my youngest to play
  6. Jukebox is an amazing little AMI RI-1 from the mid 70's. Loaded full of 45's and they threw in a shoe box of another 60 or 70 more. All working apart from a few dramas of transporting it (now fixed) where I dislodged the tonearm and embedded it into the full carousel. Amp is a little crusty from caps that have dropped their guts and the thing hasn't been cleaned or serviced in decade, but it'll load and play records. That's all I need at the moment I have purchased the manual now so I will have all the service guides and I am hand washing the crust off each record in the collection. Then I can focus on amp repairs and getting the speakers sounding their best.
  7. Latest lowboy is some kind of poker machine. I am keen to box up all of those parts and wire it over to something like the Pandora's Box DX JAMMA. I am having a replacement controller mount being fabbed up at a local sheet metal bender, I will punch holes into it and plug into the existing wiring harness allowing for fast change back to original. CRT has a little screen burn and I hope this does not cause issues for me in the future. I do have an old CRT TV the correct size that I may farm out the tube from. At this stage I am just learning the basics, doing the typical ROM fit out but still trying to be respectful to the original machine (and being able to return it to an original state)
  8. lowboy has all the wiring there, game PCB was Truxton but that has now been set aside and a 60 in 1 JAMMA box plugged in. PCB for Truxton has some issues, I am not familiar with the game but you quickly get to a point when something randomly kills you although nothing of note is on the game. I am saving that for a time when I want to expand my PCB soldering and troubleshooting skills.
  9. Thanks all. My EM is a 1976 Chicago Coin Red Barron and this will be the year that she'll be back up and running 100% (but then again I have been saying that for a decade)
  10. Can anyone tell me their experience with shipping rates from the official (3A) pandora aliexpress page? Is the $5 ePacket price correct?
  11. Hi all. Pulled the trigger on joining because I am keen to better my knowledge of arcade, pinball and jukebox repair. With little budget to afford the high end machines, I have been lucky to pick up a few projects to have fun with. One EM pinball found in the local paper led to a vertical screen lowboy, which led to an AMI jukebox and finished with a horizontal screen lowboy. All are very original, which was the main appeal to buying them and all purchased over a space of many years. I am in the process of cleaning them up, keeping them original but still adding a few more games (like the ones I remember playing at the local skate rink as a kid). Looking forward to being here and having a bit of fun, getting flamed for any mistakes I make and offering any advice I may be able to. It's been a while since I have been on any forums, so go gentle on me. Cheers, Al.
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