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  1. The Beatles Pinball Mods: https://wizardmod.com/collections/the-beatles-pinball-mods Gold Edition: Platinum Edition: Diamond Edition: More Details:
  2. Black Knight: Sword of Rage pinball mods: https://wizardmod.com/collections/black-knight-sword-of-rage-pinball-mods
  3. The Champion Pub pinball mods: https://wizardmod.com/collections/the-champion-pub-pinball-mods
  4. Yes we do! Where is it or who do we talk to?
  5. Aerosmith pinball art mods: https://wizardmod.com/collections/aerosmith-pinball-mods Pro: Premium: LE: More details:
  6. New pinball mods for Stern Mustang: https://wizardmod.com/collections/mustang-pinball-mods Check more than 300 mods here: https://wizardmod.com
  7. :laugh: I see everyone installing a pf protector for a hug machine. Do you really think the machine is going to get wear with 100 or 200 games per year? lol One thing is certain, when you are going to sell a machine nowadays, it is worth way more if it has pf protector installed since day one.
  8. Insert wear means the whole area around has lost the diamond plate protection. And you never know the size of the area that will potentially have more wear with time. If you are going to put a protector then that pf looks pretty good. Just add some black touch ups with a pen on those eyes. If not, expect more wear in the near future.
  9. New WPC. NBA Fastbreak gets some new pinball mods: https://wizardmod.com/collections/nba-fastbreak-pinball-mods
  10. New WPC added. Medieval Madness pinball mods: https://wizardmod.com/collections/medieval-madness-pinball-mods
  11. We have a new line of magnetic aprons with the arch windows cut out for the Les and some Premiums. https://wizardmod.com/search?type=product&options%5Bprefix%5D=last&options%5Bunavailable_products%5D=last&q=arch Some examples:
  12. Very nice! Your kid plays better than many of us! :D
  13. Elvira's House of Horrors https://wizardmod.com/collections/elviras-house-of-horrors-pinball-mods Premium: LE/SE:
  14. New pc machine added, Attack from Mars: You can check all the details here: https://wizardmod.com/collections/attack-from-mars-pinball-mods
  15. Does that one plays as good as they say? The game looks pretty simple. Is that good or bad?
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