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  1. I’ll buy a sheet off you if they end up at your house mate.
  2. Congrats on the sale Tony, if you get time before it leaves your place please send a couple of photos of the instruction cards to Peter’s email: inkochnito@kpnplanet.nl Cheers, Matt.
  3. Hi Tony, that is a beautiful backglass. Great game too! Any chance you could scan the instruction card when you get some time? I uploaded mine for inkochnito’s pinball rebel page as he doesn’t have Cosmic Princess, but he said mine was actually for another game. Cheers, Matt
  4. Yes it is glossy, there are a few parts where it is damaged but originally it was a hard laminate artwork
  5. Quick update to show final product. I had Carson make up artwork that was as faithful to the original as possible. As there was no original hi-res available he made art from the original flyers. Here is what an original cabinet looks like: This is how my cabinet turned out, set up with horizontal monitor and 2P, 6 button layout: Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  6. Surely people have more integrity than to enter a bidding war. If someone offered to buy it before me good on them.
  7. I received a reply first day, I said I’d buy it, but haven’t heard anything since.
  8. Add a Metallica Pro, Medieval Madness Remake, A.G Soccer-ball, Cosmic Princess, Playball and Pro-football to mine.
  9. Thanks guys, yes the side art is staying and Carson is working on a Marquee, bezel art and control panel art as close to original as possible. Unfortunately there is no hi res artwork to use other than making art from the original flyer.
  10. It cleaned up fairly well after several hours of wiping the black paint off using thinners. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  11. Cheers, it is a super cool cab, sadly it’s in extremely poor shape. I have Noodleshirt making up some artwork for it using the original theme. It’s been so hacked it’s not worth restoring. I’ll put a Pandora’s Box in it and set it up for the kids. But want it to look somewhat original. Thanks very much for the board input, I have no idea when it comes to arcade gear.
  12. I’ll get around to testing it soon, roughly what would they be worth if working? I have no idea with arcade pcbs. Thanks!
  13. I have a couple of Gottlieb single player wedge heads a non working playball and a non working pro-football $800 each or $1500 for the pair. Need full restoration, switch stacks rebuilt etc, both complete except lock down bars. Free barn dust included
  14. I have a non working playball and a non working pro-football which have the bell and chimes to suit. $800 each or $1500 for the pair if someone wants to finish off your game.
  15. Monitor is yours mate! No rush to pick up, send me a PM when you are heading over Geelong way.
  16. Hi guys, I was given this cabinet years ago and while in isolation the kids have been keen on setting it up with a Pandora’s box 6. I was wondering what game it originally was? Or is it just a generic Universal cabinet? It’s in very ordinary condition and past saving. Before I started it was painted black and had Tazz-mania decals and an original Tazz-mania control panel underneath a converted newer control panel. I used thinners to remove all the black paint and it looks like a space theme. I have no idea on the old arcades so would appreciate some help figuring out what it was originally. Also if anyone would like the monitor they can have it for free. It was not working years ago when I first tried, but could have been something else??? Pickup from Geelong. The cabinet had a Gyruss board set inside. Is this worth anything, again unsure if it works? Thanks in advance for your help! Matt. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  17. I’ll grab the middle back box decal and a diverter decal please. Pop it in with Robs and we will go half in postage and I’ll pick up from him.
  18. Price drop $2100 firm. Back in the restoration queue if it doesn’t sell. I’ll get around to it one day :rolleyes
  19. Thinking of purchasing a Medieval Madness Remake from the next run, but thought I would see if there were any originals floating around for sale first. Cheers, Matt.
  20. Thanks for the offer mate, will send you a PM :023:
  21. If any Geelong guys are heading up to grab some let me know. I’m after one stern set. I’ll flick ya an extra $10 for petrol money :023:
  22. Joe has a container coming at the start of June. https://www.amusements4kids.com.au/buy-our-machines/pinball-machines/item/metallica I have a one in it, maybe the last Metallica’s to come into the country unless a vault edition ever gets released.
  23. Sorry for the old thread resurrection, but I'm sure you don't mind the sales bump :D Not sure how much interest you have had, but do I make the 15 kits you offered to AA members?? :) Also after the spinner sound caller kit as well. Happy to do a thread covering the spinner installation, board installation and a review seeing no one has done one yet on AA for you in exchange for the awesome deal ;) I have a NIB Metallica LED Pro arriving end of May hopefully, ordering all my mods now so everything ready to go!!
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