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  1. Hi all I have a Sega rally 2 twin where the force feed back does not work on one side. All the inputs work on the input test on both sides. All the pots register values change. When i go to the feed back test one side works, The other says 'Connection error' I have swapped the motor drive board between the two sides and the fault follows the board. All dip switches are off and all the jumpers are in the same place. They both do there start up test (Steering wheel turns right / left / centers) The displays on both sides read 88 88 when the start up has finished (No errors) It seems like the motor drive boards are outputting data to the game board correctly but not receiving? I am in the UK and a look on Ebay has not turned up any spares. Any one know of a fix for these boards. Sorry for super long post, Any help would be greatly appreciated. PS if any one is interested i have sum game software (Don't know where i could upload) Photoplay 2002 igos8 running on a green dongle (Dos version) VanGogh workroom Black & White photo booth (Requires no dongle but does require Matrox capture card, win 98 version) Skill Ball Bingo Deluxe (Requires no dongle but does require the Nova card, win xp version) They are all Norton Ghost images If you have got this far, Thank you (I do go on....) Steve
  2. Hi all I Live and work at Skegness Seaside in the UK Have been working in arcades along the sea front for over 10 years Like dabbling in old machines and fixing what i can Nice to meet you all
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