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  1. Thank you sir A few more pics It is. I only wish I had the skills to repair it mechanically Thank you Haha. Haven’t cracked one… yet Before and after
  2. Hi All, Some pics of the restored (pandemic project) machine. Still need to add the top glass and adjust the leg levellers.
  3. Interesting question: for me personally, yes it is worth putting a price on it. I take the same approach to buying a car, a house etc. yes life is short and you need to enjoy it, but if you let your heart rule your head, you can get into all sorts of trouble. I saw my parents live life that way: my mother HAD to have a holiday to Hawaii every year. She had no idea my father was in financial trouble and my father didn’t want to admit it. In the end, they lost everything they had and my father declared bankruptcy in his late 60’s and never fully recovered (he ended up working in a call centre up until he was 80). So, yes, I think it is worth putting a price or a limit on “stuff” even if it makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside 🙂
  4. Thanks Jeff. Appreciate it. I’ve seen at least 4-5 for sale in the US since my post. Anywhere from $2000 USD to $3,200 UAD unrestored. Unfortunately most want to sell to someone locally. I love what you did to the rear side of the back box. Just love it
  5. Go to someone who can powder coat them. Invariably better than spraying them and wont cost you an arm and a leg.
  6. Hi guys happy Easter Can anyone recommend a shipping company for shipping a machine from Netherlands to Australia (or, worst case California)? Josh
  7. I feel like you are going to eat your words on this one. Only time will tell.
  8. Thanks Jeff. I still have your mobile from when I purchased some rails from you. I'll shoot you some pictures if the seller is happy to deal.
  9. So just to make sure I understand this: what this person has done is "normal" and as long as I dont put crappy batteries in there, I shouldnt have any issues?
  10. I’ve never seen a battery pack inside a headbox before. Is this normal? Does anyone know what this is?
  11. Thanks Jono. You may have me confused with someone else as I’ve never been to your house 😂
  12. Interesting. There couldnt be that many floating around so its likely this one. Was purchased from someone in WA and now resides in GC.
  13. I came across this recently. It’s one of the machines on my “wishlist” but am a little out of touch with prices. Is this reasonable for a Bally BMX? $7,800
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