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  1. Hi guys, I’m wondering if anyone on this site is qualified to go and have a look at a 1978 BALLY Playboy in Killarney Vale NSW. This particular machine may have a few issues and I want to know what I’m getting into before I hand over my hard earned. Also what’s the going rate for something like this? Regards Josh
  2. Can someone please explain why it is necessary to clear coat before painting? Not sure I understand the logic. If the paint is going directly onto the playfield, what difference does it make?
  3. The problem I have now is that some parts of the clear seem to be stuck on the playfield while in other areas it just peels off freely. I’m having some success with a razor blade. It just sucks. I’ve put thousands into this machine only to see it come to an end like this
  4. Hey John, I’m in GC but happy to come up to Brissie. Would appreciate you letting me see how you do things. Please keep me posted 0401 559 210. Josh Yep. Sand back and start again. Paid $100 to have the playfield clearcoated. This crappy old machine has cost me a damn fortune.
  5. I believe so. It looked so nice after the clear was applied. I’m gutted
  6. I used shellite (naphtha) to clean before the clear Once the clear had set (2 days after spraying), I rubbed down using wet 600 and 800 grit sandpaper to give the playfield some “tooth” for the paint to adhere to. Cleaned with shellite again before covering with frisket and painting. The clear only started to lift when I removed the frisket.
  7. Hi All, Well, I’ve completely f@&ed my playfield. Last week, I had it clear coated. Took it to someone who has their own professional spray booth. They used a 2 pac clear coat then baked it for 10-15 mins. It looked unreal. Took it home and after a couple days I gave it a wet sand with 600 grit. Problems started when I laid down the frisket (and Oramask), the clear started to lift off the playfield. I forged ahead and laid down one of the colours with my airbrush. After the Createx dried, some stuck to the playfield but parts were lifting off. The paint stuck to the clear but the clear was lifting off the playfield. I’d really appreciate some advice. I’ve put so much effort into this restoration only to see this happen ill have to now blow off all the clear and start again. I’ve been told the clear isn't working with the base material. The clear you would of used would do same. . Most likely it was originally finished in a oil based clear. Like a timber floor clear (See attached pic)
  8. Thanks Jono!! I’m wearing a 3M mask with filters while sanding. How toxic is the 2pac clear when sanding, even though it has adhered to the surface?
  9. No worries mate. Life sometimes gets in the way of pinball. Unfortunate
  10. So are there any laws (copyright) I’m infringing upon by doing this?
  11. If you have the funds, anything is possible. It all comes down to how invested or emotionally attached you are to the machine. Unlikely you’ll recoup your investment. I’ve spent far too much $$ restoring a 1977 Williams Big Deal and I know I won’t recoup my investment but that’s ok. The whole restoration has been a massive learning experience and I can use those skills to restore the next one (gulp)
  12. Thanks for your advice mate. I was close to purchasing a brand new Cricut but decided to buy a cheap second hand silhouette cameo to just test the waters. Cant really say I love the software and I believe the software that comes with the Cricut is simpler but also easier to use. Have you tried anything like this before?
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