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  1. Gosh, I was so close to Mozzie1... Improved a bit. 1.408.654.730
  2. Yeah, that won't last I think, just for the sake on being the early player 🤪
  3. First try on that already installed table. After a couple of unsuccessful tries, a WTF multiball with 3 or 4 times the 3x jackpot made me score a 1.356.664.840 score. Don't know what it will worth here, but at home I'm the Grand Champion ^^
  4. 114.970. just for the sake on being first once ^^ beginner's luck here imo ^^
  5. Thanks for organizing this. I had a lot of fun, and discovered entertaining new tables. I'll certainly be participating in the next one :-)
  6. Although I love the theme, I really suck at this table. 8.744.450
  7. Loved this game. Really nice to play it again. already beat my previous High Score (which wasn't really high, must admit ^^) 1.135.150
  8. 6374. Not the funniest table I've played so far. I think I'm done with this one.
  9. Got a heavy ball that scored 1.200.000 on itself... Wasted the other 2, as usual 😭 Got 1.495.080 : Love this table
  10. Indeed, 1:07 AM on your side is something like 5PM around here 😉
  11. Yesssssss. After countless tries, I finally managed to get over 1.000.000 and got 1.247.300. 1st time I'm on the podium (hope it's gonna last ^^). Love this game. ​​​​​​#neverGiveUp
  12. 10.231.340... progress but still way behind the top guys here
  13. Again, an installed-but-never-played table. Awesome rules, great challenging table, the "give or take" multiplier for the royal flush is a very nice feature. Played a couple of times today and managed to do 811.630. will be aiming for the million next 💪
  14. So must be beginner's luck, 20 attempts today, not a single one above 4.000.000. better luck tomorrow I guess 🤪
  15. Installed this table a while ago but never got the occasion to actually play it. Great theme, great mechanics, it makes me think I never watched the movies (shaaaaaaame)... Might give it a try, as I guess a lot references are in that Pin. Nevertheless, 1st try and got 9.986.810. Rules are still not fully known, so I assume I can still make some more progress later on. Thanks for this submission
  16. I think it's the worst and most frustrating table I've ever played right now. The outlanes are ridiculously wide open and that little piece just popping out of the lanes making it easier to drop in the outlanes is just... Well I just smacked too much things in my room, I need to cool down 🤪. Anyway, did 122 870, which is as far as I'll go as I'll uninstall this devil table to avoid smashing some other things
  17. Finally got the trick to perform big scores... Light the special, and beat that dealer to score tremendous points. 541.220 🙃
  18. Hi @JustAnotherRat, Is my score submission not valid that I'm not in the standings? Thanks. Kind regards, Julien
  19. I'll give it a try next week, I'll let you know. Yes, but there is also a 2x 3x and 5x it the top right, next to extra ball. Imo it means that it doubles the 5000 wins of each "player win" hand. And it adds up also the multiplier for the end-of-ball bonus
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