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  1. Looking for an empty pinball cabinet
  2. I’m looking for a 520-5003-03 cpu from a Acton hero to a Batman forever (about 1992/3 to 1995) preferably tested
  3. Hey mate what’s the cabinet dimensions? and can you assist with interstate transport?
  4. To be 100% honest, no real reason. Just looks like a fun game. Iv restored a few machines and if I was able to get 1 in a worse condition a bit cheaper I can restore it over time while enjoying it
  5. The worse condition the better (odd request but that’s what I’m looking for)
  6. Hey all I’m looking for a hi res photo of the plastics and back glass on a Williams Ding Dong or to buy ?
  7. Thanks I found the issue is was this small bridge wire, the solder wasn’t right. All fixed
  8. Hello everyone so I restored this solar city awhile ago and for some reason in the last few weeks the hi score free ball is only working for player 2 and not player 1 and I can’t finger it out. any ideas welcome!
  9. Thanks for the reply Oh dam really liked the look of this1, I’ll have a look at the other 1 too
  10. Hi all looking for a old school EM to restore around the $1000 mark if possible let me know what you got. :) thanks
  11. Good afternoon i was just wondering if this was still available? and is it still non negotiable? Thanks In advance :)
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