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  1. Sold today. Some electrical gremlins came up so sale was postponed until repairs were made. For the historical record; sold for 4K off Facebook. To a first time pinball owner in Glenroy, Vic. He bought an untouched 54' Customline with 88K on the clock original owner and a pinball all in the same day. Now that's a good day.
  2. Sold via FB Marketplace. Price $4500 and went with a very excited first time pinball buyer for some years of serenity in good ol' Bonnie Doon, Vic.
  3. Hi all, Here's a real rarity for you. Rock Encore by Gottlieb. One of 245 https://www.ipdb.org/machine.cgi?id=1979 . Only other one I have seen was in the 'Shed' event in NSW. Currently powers up but not running. I replaced the power cord and did the ground mods, bottom panel work. I haven't got the time or energy at the moment to finish it off, so out the door it goes. So requires some work to finish it off. Playfield quite nice, particularly the upper playfield, which is prone to extensive wear on Rock playfields. It looks complete. Only thing missing is the glass for the translite and the side rails need reattaching. It comes with a very rare NOS translite from PBR and a couple spare drop targets. Legs were power coated gloss black. New playfield glass. Pictures tell the rest of the story. Pickup from Fawkner or organise a courier. Price $2500
  4. Very Cool 80's pinball machine - Hollywood Heat. In reconditioned condition. Machine plays well. Electronic work completed by Australian Pinball Restorations a few years back. Ground mods completed. Powercoated rails and lockdown bar and legs. New Glass, NOS translite, and other bits and pieces. A few PF inserts have lifted, common on this machine due to flasher bulb heat, repaired crack in speaker panel. Rare machine, imported from Europe. A crowd pleaser this machine is. $4500. Usual AA donation if sold here. Pickup Fawkner.
  5. SOLD 30th July 2022. A restored/ reconditioned Waterworld pinball machine from 1995. Works great and looks great. Very hard title to come by. Playfield is very good, little wear near the flippers. Rest of the machine is very tidy. Aftermarket stainless chrome side rails from Railways. Electronics checked over by APR. New glass etc. Comes with original key fob and security door bar. Pickup Fawkner. $5500. Usual donation to AA if sold here. Call me on 0468 550 402
  6. Professionally framed original Genesis translite. Fun fact was this hung above the Bumper Action Spare Parts division window for years unframed. I then had it mounted and framed. Price $50. See pics as a small piece has broke off. Pickup Fawkner 0468 550 402
  7. Machine sold elsewhere. For those researching in the future, $6750 and headed to Yarra Junction, Vic.
  8. Super Mario Bros pinball machine. Machine has been fully reconditioned and plays well. New rubbers, tasteful LEDs where needed, polished legs and new stainless steel side rails. Cabinet has been touched up by a previous owner in places. Playfield is pretty good with some wear near the bumpers. Hard to find a nice Super Mario Bros like this one. Owned for the past 8 years. Spare globes, LEDS and rubbers, couple of cliffy protectors included. Welcome to inspect, please call me to organise. Machine can be shipped anywhere in Aus that can be organised by the buyer. If sells on here, donation to AA included. $6900
  9. I know of one sold by Mark C via eBay around 2013 starting at $1. I couldnt match his bidding and lost. From memory it sold for $1200 odd. Haven’t seen another one before or since
  10. I want to hear the luc Longly story too
  11. Might be the one Wayne Mr Pinball had for sale for seemingly years - a couple years back
  12. Machine now sold for 2.2k and headed to NSW. Donation made to AA. Keep an eye out for another 80B up for sale soon by me.
  13. Selling a Spring Break. Currently not working and requires new rubbers and playfield gone over. Rare game, only seen a few come by in the last 15 years. Looks like the only thing missing is part of one of the flipper mechs. Can hold until after lockdown if needed once payment is made. If sold through here a $50 donation to AA. Comes with a remarkably intact manual kit. As is condition from Italy, sitting in storage for many years. $2200
  14. Yeah it does a bit. For future refence, sold for 2200 and going to SA.
  15. Fair swap offer for his Space Mission but need the cashola. Still for sale :)
  16. Raven pinball machine. In pretty good condition. Very hard to find machine based off the Rambo movie. Everything is there but currently not working. Was working prior to storing the machine 6 years ago, just haven’t got the time to finish it off. Machine has new rubbers, pop bummer caps, legs etc. comes with spare parts and a brand new old stock factory manual. Price is firm and for quick sale $2300. Pickup Thomastown 0468550402
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